Analysis of the power inverter for truck and how to choose



The power inverter for truck is an easy-to-use automotive power converter. When you go out to work or travel, you can use the inverter to connect the battery to drive electrical appliances and various tools to work. This article will introduce the best inverter for truck.


1. What is power inverter for truck

A power inverter for truck is a device that converts 12V DC to 110V or 220V AC, which can help car owners use electronic devices in the car, such as computers, ovens, microwave ovens, etc. But different devices need different inverters, so you need to pay attention to the size and power of the inverter when choosing an inverter.

2. What does a power inverter do in a truck

The role of power inverter for truck is to give full play to the performance of solar battery and the function of system failure protection. Specific functions include: automatic operation and shutdown, maximum power tracking control, independent operation, automatic voltage regulation, DC detection and DC ground detection.

Precautions for power inverter for truck are:

  • Use the inverter in strict accordance with the user manual.
  • Keep it in a relatively safe place to prevent electric shock.
  • Turn off the input power when not in use.
  • Do not place the drive near an outlet or heater in direct sunlight.
  • The battery voltage selected by the inverter must match the DC input voltage of the inverter.
What does a power inverter do in a truck

  • The output power of the inverter must be greater than the power used by the consumer.
  • The anode and cathode must be properly connected.
  • The DC voltage connected to the inverter is marked with anode and cathode.
  • In the car, it should be noted that the on-board inverter should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.
  • Keep away from flammable and explosive materials.
  • Do not place or cover other items in the car.

3. What size inverter do I need for my truck

There are many parameters on the inverter, and generally there will be rated power and peak power. So when we buy something, how to choose the right power, let's talk to you. You can calculate the power of the appliances that need to be used.

The rated power is also the continuous output power, which refers to the power maintained by the inverter for long-term operation.

The peak power is the starting power, which is generally 2 times the rated power, mainly to meet the instantaneous peak value of individual electrical appliances. For example, with a rated power of 2000w inverter can reach a peak power of 4000 watts.

What size inverter do I need for my truck


Therefore, it is necessary to have an inverter that can meet the peak starting power of the appliance to ensure proper operation. When choosing an inverter, it is important to purchase one with a higher starting power than the appliance that needs to be used.

The inverter itself also consumes a part of the power when it is working, and its input power is greater than its output power. For example, if an inverter inputs 100 watts of DC power and outputs 85 watts of AC power, then its efficiency is 85%.

For example, the motor starts at 1,500 watts, while the inverter has a peak power of just over 1,500 watts. There will be efficiency losses during the conversion process, and the required power will not be achieved. When buying, leave some margin.

4. How to choose the best inverter for truck

When choosing an inverter, you need to choose the appropriate power inverter size for trucks according to the electrical equipment you need. In most cases, a power inverter 3000w is enough to meet the needs of most trucks. But if you need to use higher power electronics, you need to choose a higher power inverter.

  • Output waveform

There are two types of output waveforms for inverters. Sine waves and non-sine waves. The sine wave is the closest to the radio wave generated when the household uses electricity, and is suitable for most electrical equipment. The output voltage waveform of a pure sine wave inverter.

How to choose the best inverter for truck


Its advantages are that the output waveform is good, the distortion is very low, and its output waveform is basically the same as the AC waveform of the mains power grid. In fact, the excellent sine wave inverter provides higher quality AC power than the power grid.

Its disadvantages are that the circuit and relative modified wave inverter are complex, the requirements for control chips and maintenance technology are high, and the price is more expensive. Non-sine waves are cheap, but they can't satisfy most electrical devices and can be problematic.

  • Protection features

When buying a power inverter for trucks, it is best to choose an inverter with a protection function, because the inverter is easily affected by the voltage fluctuations of the on-board battery, and the voltage protection function that comes with the inverter can provide better protection for the equipment.

  • Weight and size

Because the truck space is limited, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size inverter, and also consider the impact of the weight of the inverter on the items carried by the truck.

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when choosing a power inverter for truck, such as power, size, weight, output waveform, etc. You can choose the right inverter according to your own needs, and pay attention to the protection function of the inverter to achieve the expected use effect.

5. How to use a power inverter for truck as a backup power supply

There are three main ways to install an inverter on a truck as a backup power source.

How to use a power inverter for truck as a backup power supply

  • Connect directly to the battery

Converts the direct current in the battery to alternating current for use by the load. The advantage of this is that the only thing to carry is the inverter, which is lightweight. However, it must be wired every time it is used, and the load that can be carried is limited by the size of the truck's battery capacity.

  • Equipped with a battery

The battery can be expanded according to the load you need, but the battery needs to be recharged from time to time. In addition, the battery (lithium battery) is expensive and bulky, making it not suitable to carry too much.

  • Equipped with batteries, controllers and photovoltaic panels

 In this way, as long as the sun is sufficient, high efficiency solar panels can supply power to the load through the inverter and charge the battery, without the need for too many batteries, which is highly sustainable and suitable for situations where there has been no contact with the mains power for a long time.

6. Conclusion

As a DC to AC converter used in moving, the power inverter for truck will bring a lot of convenience to your life and is a standing item. It is recommended to choose a better pure sine wave inverter.

The interference to radio, communication equipment, and precision equipment is small, the noise is low, the load adaptability is strong, the application of all AC loads can be met, and the efficiency of the whole machine is high.


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