Introduction and comparison of EVE 4680 battery



The EVE 4680 battery has the outstanding advantages of a high voltage platform, high energy density, low self-discharge and long service life. It has been widely used since birth. Multiple string lithium battery packs can output more power, which is used by people for mobile power and energy storage purposes, light and compact, to meet the application needs of different occasions.


By connecting multiple lithium batteries in series, the battery voltage can be increased, which can meet the needs of high-power inverter output of outdoor power supply, so as to meet the power demand of various electrical equipment. At this stage, the outdoor power supply of about 300-600W usually uses a 4-string or 6-string battery pack to meet the DC power supply of high-power inverters.

1. EVE 4680 battery specifications

The EVE 4680 battery has a diameter of 46mm and a length of 80mm. In the mobile power supply and flashlight we use daily, the commonly used battery size is an 18650 battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm and a 21700 battery with a diameter of 21mm and a length of 70mm.

Among them, the EVE 18650 battery is applied to Tesla Model S, and the 21700 battery is applied to the Tesla Model 3. These two specifications of batteries have been widely used in mobile power, flashlights, and outdoor power supplies.

Although EVE 4680 battery can be compared with the above battery packs with a single cell capacity, the lower voltage of a single battery can not meet the needs of high-power charging and discharging of mobile power.

EVE 4680 battery specifications


Additionally, the diameter of 46mm also says goodbye to the application of handheld devices such as mobile power. However, EVE 4680 battery, in addition to new energy vehicles, is very suitable for outdoor power applications.

2. EVE 4680 battery vs. 21700

EVE 4680 battery has a 26Ah battery capacity, which is more than 5 times the current 21700 battery capacity and 8 times the 18650 battery capacity. In outdoor power supply applications, a EVE 4680 battery with the same capacity is equivalent to 5 21700 parallel batteries, which is equivalent to 8 18650 parallel batteries.

In other words, the energy stored by a EVE 4680 battery is equivalent to a mobile power supply with 5 built-in 21700 batteries. The capacity of a EVE 4680 battery is converted into a Wh of about 94 Wh.

And the use of 4 or 6 4680 batteries in series can replace the assembly of dozens of battery packs in the traditional 18650 or 21700 battery pack, meet the energy storage needs of hundreds of Wh in the outdoor power supply, and greatly simplify the manufacturing process of multiple series lithium battery packs in the outdoor power supply.

Compared to the traditional 18650 battery and the internal structure of the 21700 and 4680 batteries, the internal structure is optimized. The no-pole lug design improves the charging and discharging capacity of the battery.

EVE 4680 battery vs. 21700


And the effective area of the corresponding plate is also larger, which increases the battery capacity. What's more, compared to the 18650 rechargeable battery and 21700 battery, the internal space utilization of the battery is higher and the energy density is also improved.

3. EVE 4680 and 4695 cell type comparison

The 4695 large cylindrical battery system is a type cooling system developed on the basis of the 4695 large cylindrical battery. It has the characteristics of ultra-fast charging, high specific energy, long cruising range and high safety.

● Ultra-fast charging

Three-dimensional heat transfer can be achieved by constructing heat transfer channels at the bottom of the cell and on the left and right sides of the battery through the cooling system. 2.7 times better than conventional cooling technology. It can effectively guarantee the system's 9-minute ultra-fast charging and help users achieve fast charging.

● High specific energy

On the basis of the high specific energy of 350Wh/kg battery cells, the system is applied through new high efficiency composite materials and new adhesives with high strength and light weight. Combined with the highly integrated CTP design, the system weight can be reduced by 10%, and the energy density can reach 260Wh/kg.

EVE 4680 and 4695 cell type comparison


● High range

It can achieve ultra-high compatibility, which can meet the needs of different car scenarios of A/B/C class cars, and the cruising range can reach 500-1000 kilometers.

● High security

The establishment of ultra-fast directional pressure relief and independent pressure relief channels can ensure the NTP of the entire life cycle of the system and achieve high safety.

4. EVE 4680 vs. 4695 cell parameters

EVE is now focused on the large cylinder, while taking into account the square laminations.The cell of EVE 4680 battery model is INR46800.


355g (comparable to Tesla's 4680 cells)



Rated voltage


Operating voltage


Operating temperature


Cycle life


EVE also has a 4680 fast-charging cell, which is mainly responsible for its production, including pilot production line, small batch and mass production. Juat like 4680 battery vs 18650, the main product features of 4680 cells are as follows:


NCM 811



Specific energy


Fast charging

0-80% SOC for 10 minutes



Life span

1500 cycles

4695 cell types and parameters EVE's 4695 cells are divided into INR4695E energy and INR4695P power, and the parameters of both are as follows: 

The capacity of the energy type 4695 is 32.5Ah, the power is 119Wh, and the functional type is 29.7Ah, 109.6Wh, compared with 93.86Wh of EVE 4680 battery, the energy type 4695 increases the power by 27%.

The specific energy of energy type 4695 is 280Wh/kg (the specific energy of EVE 4680 battery is 264.4Wh/kg), and the power type is 260Wh/kg, which is the current technical level. According to the information from last year's conference, the long-term goal is 350Wh/kg, and the short-term goal is 280-300Wh/kg.

EVE 4680 vs. 4695 cell parameters


The voltage platform of 4695 is 3.68V/3.69V, which is higher than EVE 4680 battey, the working voltage is 4.25V~2.8V, and the upper limit voltage is slightly higher.

The DC internal resistance of energy type 4695 is 2.8 milliohms, the power type is 2 milliohms, and the low internal resistance makes the maximum discharge power of power type 4695 1100W.

In terms of cycle life, the fast charge life of 4695 type cells is 1200cls, and the normal life is 2000cls, which is also greatly improved compared to 1500cls of 4680.

5. Conclusion

Due to the late entry into the field of power batteries, the shipment of the entire vehicle is relatively small, and the technology at the system level is relatively weak.

Although these technologies can be quickly replenished and maintained, some things still take time to accumulate in the specific application areas of the product. EVE's next generation system technology based on 4690 cells is called "π system", and there should be different integration solutions for energy-based and power-based cells.


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