Explanations of the custom battery box process and precautions



The custom battery box is for equipment with special needs, lithium battery products used in our daily life do not need to be customized. What needs to be customized is a lithium battery with special requirements.


Generally speaking, it is in the demand for lithium battery volume, capacity, protective measures, etc. Or according to different use scenarios, custom battery box can meet many needs.

1. What parameters need to be provided for custom battery box

● Input and output ports for lithium batteries

It is necessary to determine the IP protection level of the lithium battery pack and the method of battery hookup.

● How to install a lithium battery pack

This will play a big role in the design of lithium batteries. The size of the space will affect the capacity of the lithium battery pack. It is best to communicate with lithium batteries manufacturers before ordering lithium batteries to avoid situations where ideals and reality are very different.

● Expected service life of the battery box

You need to know how long the device will be used. Because it affects the capacity of lithium battery packs that require customization.

● Maximum power at load

For motor-like devices, when supporting lithium batteries, it is necessary to know the maximum power when starting these inductive loads.

What parameters need to be provided for custom battery box


● The corresponding voltage value

Since the voltage of the lithium battery pack is not a fixed value, but a wide range, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment can withstand the corresponding voltage value.

● Size and shape

Determining the size and shape of the batteries allow lithium battery manufacturers to reduce the range when developing and designing.

2. How long it takes to customize a battery box

Safety testing, packaging and shipping. The whole process of lithium battery customization is completed within 15 days. As an emerging industry, lithium batteries have developed rapidly in the past two years. The top 10 lithium battery companies in the world are applying custom lithium battery box to their products.

Packaging customization of lithium batteries is generated in this environment. Committed to lithium battery packaging, lithium batteries UPS customized solutions, and committed to providing users with more competitive lithium battery customized solutions and products.

3. The making process of custom lithium battery box

● Volume customization

The volume of cylindrical lithium batteries can be flexibly customized, and the maximum or minimum can be required within the specified specifications of the batteries.

● Voltage and capacity

customization The voltage and capacity of cylindrical lithium batteries can be customized according to requirements, and users can customize lithium batteries suitable for equipment according to their own needs.

The making process of custom lithium battery box


● Secure customization

Custom lithium batteries manufacturers will increase battery protection measures according to the environment of the lithium batteries equipment you use or according to your requirements. The next are process of the custom battery box.

  • Carry out product core selection and circuit structure design.
  • After all the designs are completed, samples will be done.
  • Complete preliminary functional testing and debugging.
  • Test and verify the electrical properties and cycle aging of lithium battery packs.
  • Review and discuss the customer's requirements, and then quote the sample.
  • After the price, the product will be approved.

Lithium batteries are widely used, from digital, communication products to industrial equipment to special equipment, etc. are used in batches, and different products require different voltages and capacities. Therefore, custom battery box is unavoidable.

There are many applications for series and parallel connection of lithium-ion batteries, and the application batteries formed by installing the protection circuit, shell, and output is called pack. The pack can be a single battery or a series and parallel combination batteries.

4. What are the benefits of custom battery box

● Equalize charging

In daily life, according to various needs, 3.7V lithium-ion single cells are connected or paralleled to connect high-voltage and high-capacity lithium-ion battery packs. Every lithium-ion battery requires charge overvoltage, discharge undervoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection. In the charging process, it is necessary to achieve the problem of equalizing the charging of the entire set of batteries.

● With different characteristics

You can choose different movements according to your needs for custom battery box. Different batteries have different characteristics, such as battery performance, service life, and safety.

What are the benefits of custom battery box


● Freely arrange the voltage

The custom battery box the voltage range that the device can withstand. custom battery box can freely arrange the voltage according to your own needs, and you can flexibly use the voltage of custom battery box.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the customized lithium battery equipment can withstand the corresponding voltage value. custom battery box can change the performance, volume, function and other characteristics of lithium batteries on the basis of the original batteries to meet the different needs of customers for batteries.

5. Advantages of custom battery box

Custom battery box is a customized service designed and manufactured according to customer needs according to actual application scenarios. Compared with standardized products, custom battery box has the following advantages.

● Meet customer needs

Battery pack customization can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs, which can meet the individual needs of customers.

● Improve price-performance ratio

A custom battery box can be optimized according to actual application scenarios to improve battery life and energy density, thereby improving cost performance

● Ensure quality and safety

Battery pack customization can control material selection and process flow according to customer needs to ensure the quality and safety of lithium battery packs.

Advantages of custom battery box


● Meet the demands of energy storage

Lithium battery customization can solve the capacity needs of energy storage. Capacity is an important metric in large-scale energy storage projects. Through custom design and manufacturing, it can be tailored to the specific needs of the project and energy storage capacity targets. Design and manufacture lithium battery systems with larger capacities to meet energy storage needs.

● Have higher power and cycle life

For some applications, such as grid peak shaving and e-mobility, high power output and frequent charge-discharge cycles are required. Through customized design, the cell structure and management system of lithium battery, especially lifepo4 battery can be optimized, power output and cycle life can be improved, and the system can be operated stably.

● Higher security performance

The safety of lithium batteries has always been the focus of attention. Through customized design, more safety protection measures can be added, such as temperature monitoring, short circuit protection and overcharge and overdischarge protection, etc., to ensure the safe operation of lithium batteries systems and reduce potential safety risks.

6. How to maintain the lithium battery box

● Timely charge and discharge every day

Charge every day, according to the standard time and procedure. You can use the power of the lithium-ion battery pack for 2 to 3 days. It is recommended that you charge it every day. Because lithium-ion batteries are in a shallow cycle, daily charging will extend the life of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles.

The deep discharge of the lithium-ion battery pack also facilitates the "activation" of the batteries, which can slightly increase the battery capacity. The general method is to discharge the batteries once at regular intervals.

How to maintain the lithium battery box


● Use the original charger

Generally, each manufacturer's charger has individual needs. In case of uncertainty, do not change the charger at will. The charger used is perfectly matched to the lithium-ion battery.

The charger current breaks through the protection system of the lithium-ion battery pack, causing a short circuit and causing a lithium-ion battery safety accident. The charger voltage is too low, the charging efficiency is low, and it takes too long.

● Maintain the environment

Lithium-ion battery packaging should be stored in a cool, dry and safe environment to prevent lithium-ion batteries from approaching heat sources, open flames, flammable and explosive gases, liquids, which may cause lithium-ion batteries to leak, heat, smoke, fire, explosion, explosion and explosive nature.

● Temperature range

At room temperature, the storage temperature of lithium-ion battery packs is usually 255C. Temperature affects the activity of lithium ions. The higher the temperature, the higher the activity, but the temperature exceeds 60, and the battery is scrapped. A custom battery box has superior performance, higher capacity, longer service life and more reasonable price.

So it has won the recognition and love of many consumers. Within the scope of user needs, do everything possible to meet all the needs of users, and truly realize the more cost-effective products they want.

7. Conclusion

Different battery box materials have their own characteristics. Consumers should choose their own battery box according to different needs when purchasing batteries. custom battery box is important in solving energy storage challenges.

Through customized design and manufacturing, lithium batteries can be customized to meet the capacity, power and safety needs of different application scenarios, providing efficient and reliable solutions for energy storage, and promoting the development of renewable energy and sustainable development.


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