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18650 batteries are common for vape pens, torches, doorbell cameras, power tools and also often packaged in battery packs such as solar cells, marine batteries, portable energy storage, etc.Here is a definitive guide to help you to choose the best 18650 batteries.

What is a 18650 battery

What is a 18650 Battery


The 18650 battery is a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable/replaceable and is widely used in portable devices like electronic gadgets. Due to its high-drain feature, this battery has a high output voltage and current. This battery has a dimension of 18 mm by 65 mm, hence its name. 

Common specifications for 18650 battery

Below is a table showing the specifications of the best 18650 batteries.

18650 Battery Specification Table



Battery type


Size/ dimension

18 ✖ 65 mm


3.2-3.7 volt



Operating voltage

2.5-4.2 volt

Discharge Cut-off voltage

2 - 2.5 volts


30gms to 55gms

Charge discharge cycle


Optimum /Minimum charging time


Shelf life

36+ months

Charging method

CC and CV

Charging voltage


Charging current


Internal resistance

150-250 milliohms

Product variant

Regular and Flat top




What is the most powerful 18650 battery

There are various 18650 batteries in the market. However, not all of them are powerful. Therefore, in this section are the three most powerful 18650 batteries.


Tycorun 18650 30MP

DMEGC 18650 29E

Samsung 18650 25R


Guangdong, China

Zhejiang, China

Korea and Malaysia

Nominal Capacity




Nominal Voltage




Charging Voltage




Internal Resistance




Discharge Cut-off Voltage





How to evaluate the quality of the 18650 battery

How to Evaluate the Quality of the 18650 Battery


When evaluating the quality of the best 18650 batteries, you need to use three methods.

Step 1: Voltage test

Connect the cathode and anode ends of the 18650 battery to the multimeter. This preparation test is to perform a voltage test. Normally, 18650 batteries have a nominal voltage range of 3.2to 3.7 volts. When the voltage is low or doesn’t show the nominal voltage, the battery quality is poor.

Step 2: Internal resistance test

The internal resistance test is the next evaluation test for the powerful and best 18650 batteries. Using a voltmeter, measure the OCV of the 18650 batteries. If it has no load in the first reading and the second reading has a load reading. Then the battery is faulty. If the test generates load results, use ohms law to calculate the internal resistance of the 18650 batteries.

Step 3: Capacity test

The final test to evaluate the quality of the 18650 battery is by using a battery capacity tester. This test enables you know the charge in the battery. Take multiple tests to determine the constant current rate.

How do I choose a 18650 battery

When choosing an 18650 battery, the first thing is to consider the brand or manufacturer and compare the differences in specifications of each type, such as capacity, continuous discharge rating (CDR), operating temperature, and so on.

The second is to match your device. Like there are two types of 18650 battery: flat top and button top. Button top 18650 battery comes with a slightly protruding positive side, whereas flat top 18650 battery comes with a relatively flush positive side. Such little difference may make the 18650 battery fit or not fit your device. Moreover, you need to know how much current the device you are trying to power requires before choosing your battery. If you choose a battery with a current rating less than what you need, you will notice the battery overheating as it is working beyond its ability to keep up.

How much is lithium 18650

How Much is Lithium 18650


The best 18650 batteries cost between $10 and $30 for a cell on Amazon. On eBay, the price of lithium 18650 ranges from $13 to $100. The price of 18650 battery cells depends on quantity, model, and manufacturer.

Where to buy the best 18650 batteries

There are various places where you can purchase 18650 batteries. Here is a list of where to buy the best 18650 batteries.

  • Online E-commerce stores like Walmart, Amazon, Alibaba
  • Trade shows
  • Manufacturers
  • 18650 battery distributors
  • 18650 battery store

Depending on your choice, these are the best places to buy a 18650 battery.

Best 18650 battery for flashlight

Sinowatt 34MP 18650 battery is the best for flashlights. This battery has a 3350mAh and a maximum discharge of 2.4A. Additionally, it has a nominal voltage of 3.6V and a maximum voltage of 4.2V. This battery powers power tools and so many more applications. It is ideal for flashlights.

Best 18650 battery for vaping

The Epoch batteries 3000P 18650 battery with a 3000mAh capacity and 15A CDR is rated as the best vape battery nowadays. Great capacity at 3000mAh and still able to handle the high drain demand a vape device requires. It also has double wrapped for added protection.

FAQs about best 18650 batteries

FAQs About Best 18650 Batteries

1. Are Samsung 18650 batteries good?

Samsung is a well-known manufacturer of lithium battery cells, the product has a wide market application rate and quality assurance.

2. Is there a better battery than the 18650?

21700 cells are better than 18650 cells when a higher specification is required for the battery. This is because 21700 cells have a high capacity and energy density. Some 21700s have 5000mAh and store power for a long time.

3. Are AA batteries the same as 18650?

Compare alkaline vs lithium batteries, AA batteries are differ from 18650 batteries as they have varying sizes and discharge performance. Generally, AA batteries are not rechargeable.

4. What battery can I use instead of 18650?

The ideal alternative for 18650 batteries is the 21700 because of its high capacity. However, you need to check the 21700 batteries as they differ in model and specifications.

5. Can a 18650 battery be 5000mAh?

Yes, but few are manufactured with this capacity. You can contact TYCORUN ENERGY to order a custom 18650 battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. 

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