Electric two-wheeler battery swap station safe guarantee



With a number of advantages such as short energy replenishment times and real-time battery monitoring, the emerging battery swap mode has become popular in the development ofelectric vehicles.

As a center that provides large-scale battery swapping services, the battery swap station safe and security technology is directly related to the our lives. Safety accidents caused by the charging of electric two-wheelers occur frequently.


At the same time, with the growing demand for battery life among distribution personnel, the new charging mode of vehicle and electricity separation – charging by swap, centralized charging mode has gradually developed, and the electric two-wheeled vehicle battery swapping station has greatly avoided a series of related disadvantages derived from charging.

1. Introduction the comprehensive battery swap station safe system

Battery swap station safe is a multi-faceted and best battery swap station system that aims to ensure the safety of the battery replacement process through technical and management measures.

The battery swap station safe is not only related to the service life and performance of the battery, but also directly affects the user's energy replenishment experience and safety.

In order to ensure the battery swap station safe, a number of measures have been taken during the design of the product, including but not limited to the following:

  • Battery management measures

Battery swap stations extend battery life by detecting temperature, humidity, and smoke to avoid exposing the battery to extreme environments. At the same time, it supports flexible charging, and adjusts the charging power/rate through the control strategy to prevent overcharging.

And in the charging process, real-time monitoring of overvoltage, short circuit, overtemperature and insulation and other risks.

Introduction the comprehensive battery swap station safe system

  • Monitoring system

The monitoring system has the functions of real-time storage of battery charging data, battery replacement information and vehicle information. And it has the function of a data interface, which forwards the station status and battery pack usage information to the operation platform.

Assist in uploading all data to the cloud server via TCP/IP protocol. The monitoring system should also have an alarm processing function to alert and deal with abnormal status and equipment faults in the station.

  • Fire safety

Accident battery isolation measures should be in place at the battery swap station. The battery storage area should be equipped with an emergency transportation channel for the accident battery.

And it should be equipped with an emergency transfer vehicle, a mobile sandbox, etc., to effectively deal with the accident battery and ensure that the battery is transported out of the charging rack quickly and safely.

  • Design and construction considerations

The battery swap station adopts modular, active fire protection and other designs to ensure the safety of battery access. Through the comprehensive application of the above measures, the battery swap station can effectively reduce safety risks, ensure the safety of users' energy replenishment, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

2. Example of battery swap station safe accident

The electric two-wheeler battery swap station is a facility set up to facilitate the replacement of batteries for electric two-wheeler users. However, due to some safety issues, there are also certain risks associated with battery swap stations. The following are examples of battery swap station safe incidents to better understand these issues.

Example of battery swap station safe accident

  • Short circuit

During the battery swap process, the battery was short-circuited due to improper operation, which caused a fire.

  • Battery leakage

There is a leak in the stored battery, which causes the battery liquid to flow out. This not only pollutes the environment, but also poses a threat to health.

  • Equipment failure

The device is faulty, causing the battery to not be replaced properly. This is an inconvenience to the user.

  • The battery was stolen

Some criminals have stolen the batteries stored in the battery swap station, which has brought trouble to the normal operation of the battery swap station. This not only loses the property of the battery swap station, but also affects the user's experience.

  • Quality issues

A batch of substandard 12v 100ah lithium ion batteries malfunctioned during use, resulting in the user's electric two-wheeler not being able to drive normally.

  • Superheating

Due to problems with battery storage and management at the battery swap station, the battery has been in a high temperature state for a long time, causing the battery to overheat. This not only shortens the battery life, but also increases the risk of battery failure.

TYCORUN 8-slot Intelligent battery swapping cabinet
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  • Capacity mismatch

When replacing the battery, install the battery with a capacity that matches the user's electric two-wheeler. As a result, the range of the user's electric two-wheeler has dropped significantly, and it cannot meet the needs of daily use.

  • Improper charging

While charging the battery, there is a problem during the charging process due to improper operation or device failure. This can lead to safety hazards such as overheating the battery, charging too quickly, and so on.

These cases remind us to pay attention to the battery swap station safe when using, and at the same time, we also need to choose better battery swap cabinets and service providers.

3. How to realize the battery swap station safe

Recently, the scorching heat in many cities has added some safety hazards to the 12 volt 200ah lithium battery. Some two-wheel battery swap service providers have even exposed non-standard operating behaviors and hidden dangers, which also reflects the current status quo of the industry.

Under the trend of intelligent battery swapping, the battery swapping station safety has become the most concerned issue for users. Tycorun's one-stop intelligent battery swap solution focuses on solving the problem of two-wheel electric travel in the city, and has a comprehensive battery swap operation guarantee, which can help users easily swap batteries and travel without worry.

  • All-round battery swap technical support

With safety as the basic principle, we advocate the battery management mode of "separation of vehicle and electricity". With a number of breakthrough patented technologies such as multi-level independent cell protection, heat-absorbing protection materials, pressure relief safety valves, waterproof functions, etc., it is far ahead in the safety and efficiency of battery swapping for two-wheel electric vehicles.

How to realize the battery swap station safe

  • Full-cycle digital operations

The intelligent energy platform integrates intelligent battery research and development, energy storage system, battery swap station, and charging and discharging safety monitoring platforms.

And it integrates a new generation of digital technologies such as big data, the Internet, and artificial intelligence into the battery swap station terminal and user terminal, constituting an intelligent system.

It can realize the digital operation and management of the whole cycle of battery swapping, create a system ecology covering all business scenarios, and link green energy with digitalization and intelligence.

In the process of going to the station, the smart applet and APP can navigate the nearest battery swap station with one click, and reasonably plan the cycling route to allow you to travel efficiently.

  • During battery swap process

The smoke, humidity and temperature safety technology of the battery swap station can be waterproof, fireproof and smoke-proof.

  • During charging process

The battery swap station will also monitor the battery high temperature, overvoltage, overcurrent and other conditions in real time, and in case of abnormal conditions, the system will automatically cut off the power and alarm.

4. Choose battery swap stations of high safety and quality

The existing products on the market may have safety issues with battery swapping cabinets, and we need to keep our eyes open when choosing a brand to find battery swapping stations near me.

Choose battery swap stations of high safety and quality


Therefore, when facing products on the market, we must keep in mind that the safety of the battery swapping cabinet is the first priority. Because the battery swapping cabinet is a place where the battery of the electric two-wheeler is charged in a unified manner and managed in a centralized manner.

Our primary consideration is whether the battery will be damaged during charging and storage, and whether it can eliminate the damage when it occurs. For example, Tycorun's smart battery swapping cabinet has a fully fireproof structure and is equipped with a fire extinguishing device to eliminate hazards before they occur.

Compared with the traditional electric two-wheeler charging method and other brands of battery swapping cabinets on the market, Tycorun's smart battery swapping cabinets have the advantages of high safety and high quality, and are highly recognized by the majority of users.

In the future, Tycorun will continue to strictly abide by relevant regulations, continue to improve technology research and development, provide users with a safer and more convenient battery swap travel experience, and promote electric two-wheelers to enter the stage of standardized and high-quality development.

5. Conclusion

As a leading provider of one-stop, two-wheeler battery swap services, Tycorun is deeply committed to green energy and provides smart mobility solutions for replacement charging.

It will accelerate the construction of the intelligent battery swap network layout, so that more people can enjoy the freedom of unlimited battery life and maintain of the battery swap station safe at all times.


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