Principles of battery activation and behind the prevention



1. Reasons for battery failure

The batteries of the electric vehicle are newly replaced, but they are idle for a month without care, why can't the battery be charged? I believe that many people in life will encounter similar problems, and they are even more common when the weather is hot.

Some batteries, such as NiMH, require battery activation. Lithium batteries theoretically need to the battery activation because a protective layer of SEI needs to be formed at the cathode. But this process has actually been completed in the production testing phase.


Many people have bad habits and often put electric vehicle batteries on the car without using them and leaving them idle. It also does not turn off the air switch and is stored in the warehouse all the time. When I wanted to continue using it a few months later, I found that the battery was dead and could not be charged. The charger is plugged in, but it is always green, even if it is plugged in all the time.

Because the car battery voltage is too low, if the difference between the output voltage and the charger is too large, the charger cannot charge the battery. This is what everyone usually calls the battery "starved to death." In other words, the battery can no longer be charged and becomes a dead battery and require battery activation.

The voltage of this battery is generally only about 5.6V, and will not exceed 6V. For such batteries, most of them are battery replacements. But it costs a lot of money to replace a set of batteries, and it's a pity to replace them like this, especially for batteries that have just passed their warranty.

2. The importance of battery activation

Your mobile phone batteries are lack of electry to death, can not turn on the machine can not be charged, at this time it needs battery activation. First of all, the so-called starvation death is the phenomenon that the batteries cannot be recharged when the batteries has been dead or the power is very low.

Then the so-called activation currently has two methods: one is to use the universal charge for about 20 minutes to activate. The second is to give professional solutions. Replace the power supply with a slightly higher voltage, such as 12v battery, to activate. Specifically, put the cathode and anode poles of the power supply on the cathode and anode poles of the batteries for tens of seconds or even minutes to power it on.

The importance of battery activation


Finally, after the battery activation, it can be charged with the same direct charge as before. In fact, lead-acid batteries will have serious power loss problems if they are not used for a long time. This causes sulfation of the battery plates, which in turn causes the batteries to be damaged and causes the batteries to fail.

Lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance and cannot be stored for too long without use. In this way, the inside of the batteries will change and affect the use. So in this case, is there any way to quickly cauese battery activation and minimize the loss? And how to effectively prevent it? Here are a few things to try.

The battery activation reduces losses and ensures sufficient power during use. Also battery activation also extends its life, helping to use and store it properly. The self-discharge of the battery is theoretically available, but how to properly store the battery is important.

3. How to perform battery activation

● Turn on the headlights while charging

The electric car has not been used for a long time, obviously there is no power plugged into the charger, but the green light is on, indicating that the charge cannot be charged. Turn on the headlights when charging, and turn off the headlights only after the charging state returns to normal, which can effectively repair the batteries.

● Special charging method

Charge the battery with a charger with a repair function, which can charge it regardless of the battery voltage, and the repair rate is high. If your battery has this kind of charger, then don't worry about the battery not charging.

● Use a fast charging station

Push the electric car to a nearby smart fast charging station, automatically charge according to the voltage, and wait for the battery charging state to return to normal. Can not be used frequently, otherwise it is easy to cause bulging and need battery activation.

● Single battery charging method

Each single battery in the entire battery is charged, which makes it easier to make battery activation. Charge each battery with a 12V charger, which takes longer to charge than usual because the batteries sits for a long time.

● Parallel method

The parallel connection method is divided into a single parallel connection and a whole group of parallel connections, and the principle is the same. The single parallel connection method can use a fully charged battery to directly connect the anode to the cathode in a manner.

How to perform battery activation


The whole group of parallel connections is to select a group of battery packs with the same voltage and saturation, connect the two groups of batteries in series, and then connect the total anode and total cathode poles of the two groups of batteries separately, and charge normally according to the principle of charging. It should be noted that among the normal batteries selected, the nominal capacity is greater than the batteries.

This method is used more often when detecting batteries. The battery activation on Lenovo power management software is called power scale calibration. When using Everest to detect power on the PC side, there is a design capacity, followed by a full charging capacity. If the values of both items are the same, you will see that the batteries loss item below is 0%.

Generally speaking, the full charging capacity of batteries that have just left the factory or been placed for a long time without timely maintenance will be less than the design capacity. At this point, you will see that the loss is 1%. This means that the battery is not fully charged, and we need to fully charge and discharge (12 hours or more after full discharge) to fully exploit potential of the batteries. This process of full charging and discharging is called battery activation.

4. Prevent the batteries from not being used

● Disconnect the batteries cable

Open the base of the electric vehicle to find the battery pack, and use a screwdriver to disconnect the connection line between the two small batteries. At this time, the electric car does not have any return voltage. Even if the electric vehicle is left for half a year, the batteries will not have any power loss. When you need to use an electric vehicle, the direct cable can be tightened and returned to normal.

● Turn off the leakage protector

Open the base to find the leakage protector and adjust it to the closed state, at this time, the electric vehicle is in a state without electricity. This will protect the battery to some extent and prevent it from vulcanizing, but it is only suitable for storage within 1 to 2 months.

Because the leakage protector is turned off, the power lock is still in a power-on state, which will cause battery self discharge, so turning off the leakage protector can only prevent batteries vulcanization in the short term, without battery activation.

Prevent the batteries from not being used


● Charge once a week

If you do not use the electric car for a long time, then you need to charge it once a week. Only by disconnecting the batteries main switch or unplugging the batteries plug can the active material of the batteries be ensured, effectively extend the service life of the electric vehicle battery, and reduce the risk of vulcanization.

Of course, if you want to maximize the service life of electric vehicle batteries, developing good battery maintenance habits in daily life is the most direct and effective way an prevent battery activation.

5. Conclusion

In order to avoid the problem that the batteries cannot be used, in addition to its own self-discharge. Lithium batteries are less prone to failure than lead-acid batteries, require no maintenance, and have a higher cycle life. If it doesn't work properly, you can try the methods mentioned above for battery activation. In fact, the correct use and storage of the batteries can reduce the frequency of battery activation and achieve the role of prevention.


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