A solar panel is a device that absorbs sunlight and converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect. Currently, the world is facing severe energy crisis and climate crisis. The world's major economies have formulated carbon neutral development strategic goals and accelerated the transformation of energy structure.

Against this background, the renewable energy industry represented by solar energy has strong development momentum, and the rapid growth of photovoltaic installed capacity has also created huge room for growth in application demand for the solar panel market.

We have introduced the development potential of solar energy in Egypt previously, and here, in this article we will introduce you to the top 5 solar companies in Egypt, including the company basic information and their main solar products.



1. Top 5 solar companies in Egypt in 2024

Here are the Top 5 solar companies in Egypt, namely Cairo Solar, ACWA Power, Masdar, Canadian Solar, JinkoSolar. Rank in no particular order. 


Company name


Cairo Solar


ACWA Power




Canadian Solar



① Cairo Solar


Established date


Global headquarters

Cairo, Egypt

Company website

Founded in 2014, Cairo Solar is a solar EPC and financing company that helps businesses reduce the cost of a capital-intensive solar system. Cairo Solar builds stations for factories, warehouses, schools, administrations buildings, water well pumps, and home solar power system.


Since 2014, Cairo Solar co. has been focused on designing, procuring and installing 43 projects for a total of about 1.5MWp solar plants, with a 90% corporate re-order rate. Currently Cairo solar is providing its services to different types of customers such as corporate entities, government entities and home owners.

Additionally, Cairo solar had co-managed the development plan of a USD100mn 50MWp solar farm in BenBan, Aswan for the SPV called “Cairo Solar Farm” with the lead sponsor ECG and the Foreign Technical Partner; Globeleq. Benban will host 1.8 GWp of Solar PV projects and would be the largest solar park in the world.


② ACWA Power


Established date


Global headquarters

Saudi Arabia

Company website

ACWA Power is a Saudi Arabian energy power generation and desalinated water producer, headquartered in Saudi Arabia, with offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, Baku, Beijing, Cairo, Addis Ababa, Jakarta, Amman, Rabat, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Tashkent and Hanoi. Its business covers 12 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

ACWA Power's energy portfolio includes high-efficiency combined cycle power plants, solar (photovoltaic and concentrated solar power), wind, desalination plants, and green hydrogen projects. The project portfolio in operation and development has an investment value of US$82.8 billion and a generating capacity of 53.7 GW.


ACWA Power is unique in its diversified energy portfolio. In the traditional energy sector, the company owns gas- and coal-fired power plants, ensuring the stability and reliability of power supply. At the same time, ACWA Power also shines in the field of renewable energy, especially in solar and wind energy projects. The multiple large-scale solar and wind power plants it has successfully built not only meet the growing local energy demand, but also provide impetus for the transformation of the global energy structure.


③ Masdar


Established date


Global headquarters

Abu Dhabi

Company website

In 2006, the UAE government established Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company PJSC (Masdar) to leverage and build on the UAE’s expertise and leadership in the global energy sector, while supporting the diversification of its economy and energy sources for the benefit of future generations.

Masdar is one of the world’s fastest growing renewable energy companies and a green hydrogen leader, placing the UAE at the forefront of the energy transition. Also one of the top 5 solar companies in Egypt.


As a pioneer in advancing the clean energy sector and a key enabler of the UAE’s vision as a global leader in sustainability and climate action, Masdar has developed projects in more than 40 countries across six continents and has invested, or committed to invest, in worldwide projects with a combined value of more than US$30 billion.

Promoting innovation in solar, wind, energy storage, waste-to-energy, and geothermal energy, Masdar has a proven record of delivering pioneering projects using cutting-edge clean energy technologies, that are commercially viable and bankable.


④ Canadian Solar


Established date


Global headquarters


Company website

Canadian Solar was founded in 2001 and made its debut on the NASDAQ in 2006. Over the past two decades, Canadian Solar has become a global leader in solar energy and energy storage solutions. And the business of this company spans across more than 30 countries, with a dedicated workforce exceeding 20,000 employees. Even though it’s not headquartered in Egypt, it has grown into one of the top 5 solar companies in Egypt.


By the conclusion of December 2024, CSI Solar anticipates its production capacities for ingots, wafers, cells, and modules to reach 50.4GW, 50.0GW, 55.7GW, and 61.0GW, respectively. CSI Solar's battery storage division encompasses turnkey utility-scale LFP battery system solutions and residential battery storage services. These solutions are further enhanced by long-term service agreements, which include provisions for future battery capacity expansions.

CSI produces solar photovoltaic products and solar power application products that are widely used in residential, commercial, industrial and other fields for global customers. It also provides solar photovoltaic product solutions for special markets such as the automotive industry and communications industry with the company's professional brand. CSI also performs OEM processing for the world's leading solar photovoltaic manufacturers.


⑤ JinkoSolar


Established date


Global headquarters

Zhejiang, China

Company website

JinkoSolar Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned solar technology company. The company strategically lays out the core links of the photovoltaic industry chain, focusing on the integrated R&D and manufacturing of photovoltaic products and the provision of overall clean energy solutions. Its products serve more than 3,000 customers in more than 190 countries and regions around the world, and it has ranked first in global module shipments for years. As of the fourth quarter of 2023, the company's module shipments have exceeded 200GW.


JinkoSolar is the first in the industry to establish "vertically integrated" production capabilities from silicon wafers, best batteries for solar off grid, to module production, and has a total of 14 global production bases in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the United States. By the end of 2023, the company's monocrystalline silicon wafer, cell, and module production capacity reached 85GW, 90GW, and 110GW respectively, of which N-type production capacity accounted for more than 75%, and the scale of N-type production capacity will lead the industry.

The company has played a leading role in establishing multiple international and domestic industry standards such as IEC, continuously expanding the diversified application scenarios of photovoltaic technology.



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