Indonesia is a country that relies on coal for energy supply, with coal, fuel and gas accounting for more than 70% of its energy supply. As the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation has dropped significantly and based on the potential of solar energy in Indonesia, the Indonesian government has increased its photovoltaic power generation capacity planning and plans to add 66 GW of solar power generation capacity by 2030.

Indonesian solar battery storage companies mainly include energy storage system integrators, charging infrastructure providers, battery manufacturers, energy storage project developers and energy storage product traders. These companies focus on different aspects such as development, design, construction, production and trade.

This article will introduce to you the top 5 solar battery storage companies in Indonesia, namely PT Adaro Power, TYCORUN, UPS PASCAL, Xurya, PT New Indobatt Energy Nusantara.



1. Top 5 solar battery storage companies in Indonesia in 2024

Here are the global top 5 solar battery storage companies in Indonesia in 2024. Rank in no particular order.


Company name


PT Adaro Power








PT New Indobatt Energy Nusantara

① PT Adaro Power


Established date


Global headquarter

Jakarta, Indonesia

Company website

As one of the top 5 solar battery storage companies in Indonesia, PT Adaro Energy is a leading Indonesian coal mining company and Indonesia's second-largest producer of thermal coal.

It prompted the Indonesian government to revise its energy policy, which had previously been focused on fuel and gas, with coal as the fuel used domestically. It has gradually developed into a major company in energy extraction and energy storage products.


As an Indonesian energy conglomerate, Adaro Energy has developed into a vertically integrated organisation, with pit-to-power subsidiaries including mining, barging, ship-loading, dredging, port services, marketing and power generation.

On 8 September 2023, Zhao Bin, the head of LONGi in the Asia-Pacific region, and PT Adaro Clean Energy, PT Medco Power and PT Energi Baru TBS signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to supply solar modules to the Indonesian market, joining hands to achieve the goal of Indonesia and ASEAN's energy transition.




Established date


Global headquarter

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Company website

TYCORUN is a Chinese solar battery storage company, focusing on LFP battery and solar inverters, providing reliable and safe customized solutions of energy storage products for global users, and has been focused on the Southeast Asian market in recent years, and helped many customers laid out and operated projects of battery swapping technology in Thailand and Indonesia.

The company's products are used in industrial energy storage, home energy storage, power communication, medical electronics, security communications, transportation and logistics, surveying and mapping, and so on. Tycorun Energy products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.


The TYCORUN inverters, from DC to AC converter 500 watt to power inverter 3000w, have all come with voltage stabilization function, supports fast charging, and has low no-load current (0.6A), with LCD LED display, which can detect voltage, power and other values in real time with an accuracy of 98%, which is at the leading level in the industry.

And these ultra quiet inverters make themselves perfect fit for RV and trucks, improving the camping experience. For further details, you can check the table below for product information:

Product image
1000 watt pure sine wave inverter 
 2000w pure sine wave inverter
 inverter 3000w
Price & Discount
Rated Input Voltage
 Continuous Power
 Peak Power





More information


500w inverter 

to get the details


1000w inverter

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2000w inverter 

to get the details


3000w inverter 

to get the details




Established date


Global headquarter

Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat

Company website

UPS PASCAL has been providing power solutions since 1984 as one of the famous solar battery storage companies, in which focuses on several markets such as banking, health facilities, government and other private companies (small and medium businesses).

UPS PASCAL products mainly include Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), DC to AC Inverters and stabilizer (AVR and Ferro Resonant).


UPS PASCAL is a power inverter DC to AC and UPS brand PASCAL products distribution company with extensive experience in selling UPS, voltage regulators, inverters and battery chargers.

Having won a project from Telkom, STM, the Ministry of Education and Culture throughout Indonesia also uses its power supply units. UPS PASCAL has also been included in the product standardisation list and endorsed by the Coordinating Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry.

UPS PASCAL’s home UPS products are equipped with bidirectional inverter topology, controllable panel with LCD, support DC start fungtion and self diagnostic, the THD is < 3%, with high efficiency, low heat dissipation, hight voltage disconnect protection, low voltage disconnect protection, short circuit protection, and pulse-width modullation charging control.


④ Xurya


Established date


Global headquarter

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Company website

Founded in 2018, Xurya assists companies in Indonesia to use solar energy without any investment. Xurya is a platform giving value add to roof owners from doing feasibility study, manage installation, operation and maintenance, and provides rental schemes so the roof owners enjoy electricity saving without any investment.

It is also committed to using energy wisely and carrying out the company's operational activities responsibly for the sake of environmental sustainability.


Currently Xurya has 168 solar rooftop projects operating and provided services for more than 50 companies across Indonesia. Xurya’s solar rooftop solutions cover on-grid configuration and off-grid configuration.

And Xurya provides one-stop home solar power system solutions covering solar modules, inverters that change DC from a solar module into AC output, IoT & monitoring system that monitors the performance of their roof PLTS in real-time, and mounting & installation of the solar panels.


⑤ PT New Indobatt Energy Nusantara


Established date

December 15, 2021

Global headquarter

Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia

Company website

PT New Indobatt Energy Nusantara was established on December 15, 2021 and began its operation since 2022. As one of the top 5 solar battery storage companies in Indonesia, Indobatt produces automative battery that were previously produced by PT. Indobatt Industri Permai.

Now with the rapid development of automative technology, New Indobatt Energy Nusantara continoues to innovate to create products in accordance with the times to meet the needs of the domestic, foreign and industrial markets.


Located in Krian, Sidoarjo, East Java, PT New Indobatt Energy Nusantara equipped with production facilities that adopt the latest battery technology, such as Full Frame Diamond Wired technology in the casting process, and SuperCure Technology in the curing process. PT New Indobatt Energy Nusantara also has a Research and Development laboratory to support new technological innovations in battery production.

New Indobatt products mainly include dry-charged battery, maintenance free battery, heavy duty battery, motorcycle battery, military battery, and sealed maintenance-free battery. New Indobatt batteries are using superior plate design and supercure technology, which ensures stronger grid-to-active-material grip and optimizes bond-adhesion between skeleton and active material, enhancing battery capacity and life cycle.


Above are the top 5 solar battery storage companies in Indonesia, hopefully it can offer you some reference. For more related content, you can refer to the related posts.


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