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Sodium-ion batteries are mainly composed of four parts: positive electrode material, negative electrode material, separator, and electrolyte. The electrolyte is mainly responsible for the conduction of conductive ions between the positive and negative electrodes, and plays a key role in the energy density, cycle life, power density, safety performance, and wide temperature application. This article lists the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China, in no particular order.

Top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China list



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DFD was established in 2010. The company is a high-tech companies specializing in the production and development of new lithium-ion batteries, raw materials, modules, and vehicle battery packs. It is one of the lithium battery electrolyte companies in China. Products are widely used in electric bicycles, electric vehicles, mobile communication equipment, electric tools, solar photovoltaic and wind power energy storage, smart grid energy storage, smart building energy storage and power supply, mobile communication base stations, UPS, portable mobile power and many other fields. As early as 2017, DFD began to contact the field of sodium batteries.

At that time, although some institutions in China were conducting research on sodium batteries, they were limited by the fact that there was no company in China that produced sodium hexafluorophosphate for batteries, so they had to choose expensive Japanese products. To this end, after more than a year of research and development, the company produced battery-grade sodium hexafluorophosphate products in 2018, and then gradually developed sodium battery materials and batteries.

DFD in top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China already has the mature production technology of high-purity sodium fluoride, an essential upstream raw material, and the existing production line of lithium hexafluorophosphate, which can be quickly switched to produce sodium hexafluorophosphate after partial transformation.

In the future, with the rapid release of market demand for sodium batteries, the production and sales of sodium hexafluorophosphate will increase significantly. Sodium hexafluorophosphate has been supplied in batches, and the sodium battery and positive and negative electrode material production lines will be put into production soon. Polyfluoride is expected to continue to maintain its leading position in the sodium battery and material track.

Total market value: 32.25 billion RMB

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② Tinci


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Tinci was established in June 2000. Since its establishment, Tinci has continued to develop two major business segments: lithium-ion battery materials, daily chemical materials and specialty chemicals. As a supplier of world-class brands, Tinci is an international first-class fine chemical enterprise with great influence and a leading role in the industry, and a leading electrolyte enterprise.

At present, low-speed vehicle sodium-ion battery electrolyte and energy storage sodium-ion battery electrolyte have been mass-produced. According to reports, among the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China, the company currently has the mass production technology of hexafluorophosphoric acid, which is expected to be mass produced by the end of next year.

Total market value: 88.684 billion

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Founded in 2018, NATRIUM is an innovative technology company dedicated to the R&D, production and application of sodium-ion batteries. Its products include iron-based ternary material precursors, sodium-ion battery cathode materials, electrolytes and sodium-ion battery modules. As one of the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China, NATRIUM has built the world's first production demonstration line for ton-level sodium ferrite-based layered oxide cathode materials, and completed the design of a production process package for 5,000 tons of electrolyte.

At present, the production capacity of 2GWh in Nanchang is planned, and the pilot test is expected to be completed before the end of October-November this year, with a capacity of 150 grams and a cycle number of 3000. It is estimated that in the next 3-5 years, the company will build 80,000 tons of cathode materials and supporting electrolyte production lines in stages to promote the development of the sodium-ion battery industry and become a pioneer in the global sodium-ion battery industry. NEE-123A Electrolyte for ternary sodium-ion batteries, NATRIUM this series of electrolytes is mainly designed for energy-type sodium-ion batteries in which the cathode is a ternary layered transition metal oxide and the anode is hard carbon or soft carbon.

Register capital: 14.117 million RMB

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④ Transimage


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Transimage was created in November 2007. The company will build an automatic production line with an annual output of 60,000 tons of cathode materials, 36,000 tons of anode materials and 10GWh of sodium-ion batteries. The main products are square aluminum shells, cylindrical sodium-ion cells and their pack systems. It is one of the sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China The construction of the Chuanyi Natron project is divided into three phases: Phase I (pilot line), Phase II (2GWh sodium-ion battery) and Phase III (8GWh sodium-ion battery).

Among them, the third phase of the project plans to invest 4 billion RMB to build a sodium-ion battery production line with an annual output of 8GWh and a cathode and anode material production line with a corresponding capacity. The first phase of Chuanyi Natron's 150,000-ton electrolyte project was completed at the end of December, which can meet the demand for 100 GWh of sodium-ion or lithium-ion batteries.

Total market value: 11.755 billion

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LIHUAYI WEIYUAN was established on December 23, 2010, mainly engaged in the production and sales of phenol, acetone, bisphenol A, polycarbonate, isopropanol and other products. At present, 700,000 tons/year of phenol acetone, 240,000 tons/year of bisphenol A, 130,000 tons/year of non-phosgene polycarbonate, and 100,000 tons/year of isopropanol have been put into production.

Among the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China, LIHUAYI WEIYUAN has a technical license to produce HPDMC. HPDMC is mainly used in the electrolyte of lithium batteries. As one of the four key materials of lithium batteries, the electrolyte is mainly used in the three major fields of new energy vehicles, 3C digital and energy storage. LIHUAYI WEIYUAN currently plans to produce 20,000 tons/year of high-purity dimethyl carbonate. At present, 2.16 billion RMB has been invested in the construction of a 250,000-ton/year electrolyte solvent project.

The propylene oxide produced by the self-owned propylene oxide plant and the exhaust gas from the plant rich in carbon dioxide are used as raw materials. Adopt the world's leading green and environmental protection production technology, build 250,000 tons/year electrolyte solvent plant and supporting public works and auxiliary facilities, etc.

Total market value: 13.31 billion

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Founded in 1996, CAPCHEM is a global leader in electronic chemicals and functional materials. The company focuses on the R&D, production and sales of battery chemicals, capacitor chemicals, organic fluorine chemicals and semiconductor chemicals, and is committed to providing customers with first-class one-stop product solutions. There are three main categories of CAPCHEM battery chemicals: secondary Li-ion battery electrolytes, primary Li-ion battery electrolytes and supercapacitor electrolytes. At present, CAPCHEM, one of the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China, has been developing the technology of sodium ion electrolyte, and has a small batch of product delivery and verification.

The company's production base for sodium-ion battery electrolyte is under planning. CAPCHEM stated on the interactive platform on December 6, 2022 that the company's planning for the production line of sodium hexafluorophosphate is still in the early stage. The company has carried out frontier layout of intellectual property rights in the field of sodium-ion battery electrolyte, and has technical reserves for the production of sodium-ion battery electrolyte.

Total market value: 13.31 billion

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Founded in October 1999, YONGTA is a manufacturer of fluorobenzene fine chemicals with a complete global product chain and a large production capacity. At present, the company has production bases and subsidiaries in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Chongqing, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong and other places, and has established research institutes in Zhejiang, the United States and Shanghai. In March 2022, YONGTA as a company of the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China reviewed and approved the relevant proposals for the sodium-ion battery material project.

On March 30, 2022, YONGTA announced that it plans to invest in a 250-ton sodium-ion battery material project, including 100 tons of sodium hexafluorophosphate. On September 2, 2022, YONGTA announced that the current investment and construction project involves the construction of a production capacity of 250 tons of sodium-ion battery materials.

Total market value: 21.187 billion

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LiFUN was founded on November 28, 2013. Relying on the international cooperation platform, relying on its own core technology, LiFUN has reached extensive and in-depth cooperation with leading customer groups in a number of industries, and became a research and development supplier for Tesla and General Motors in the United States in 2016. At present, LiFUN in top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China has four patents in sodium-ion battery electrolyte.

Based on the natural advantages of the current LiFUN sodium-ion battery body for industrialization, in order to better promote the combination of production and research of sodium-ion batteries, LiFUN has established a subsidiary to comprehensively promote the mass production of a new generation of energy storage batteries represented by sodium-ion batteries.

Registered capital: 83.6644 million RMB

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⑨ Shinghwa Advanced Material

Shinghwa Advanced Material

Company profile:

Shinghwa Advanced Material is the only company in the whole industry chain in the world that can provide lithium-ion battery electrolyte solvent, solute and additive products at the same time. Since its establishment in 2002, Shinghwa Advanced Material has focused on carbonate products, focusing on the fields of new energy and new materials, creating a three-dimensional and complete industrial chain, vertically extending the fine chemical business, and horizontally developing lithium battery new material products.

At present, the company's share in the global high-end carbonate solvent market has exceeded 40%, and its downstream customers cover leading electrolyte manufacturers around the world, and has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with suppliers of many electrolyte customers. Regarding sodium-ion batteries, Shinghwa Advanced Material is advancing. The sodium salt for sodium batteries is changed from lithium hexafluorophosphate for lithium batteries to sodium hexafluorophosphate, and the additives remain unchanged.

Solvent or use more propylene carbonate PC to improve low temperature performance. Among the related listed companies, Shinghwa Advanced Material is the largest manufacturer of five solvents for lithium batteries in China, among which the production capacity of propylene carbonate PC ranks first in the industry and it is one of the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China.

Total market value: 19.717 billion

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Founded in 2017, RTXC is mainly engaged in the production and sales of lithium-ion battery electrolytes, various additives, and new lithium salts. Its main customers are leading lithium battery companies in the world such as CATL and LG Chem. RTXC is the first enterprise in China to successfully realize the industrial mass production of lithium-ion battery electrolyte, and is the pioneer in China's lithium-ion battery material industry.

RTXC has advanced production technology of lithium-ion battery electrolyte, lithium-ion battery additives, new potassium salt and capacitor electrolyte. The self-developed new potassium salt has been applied in batches to new types of batteries such as solid-state batteries, and is committed to the integrated layout of the industrial chain of core raw materials for electrolytes such as lithium hexafluorophosphate. At the same time, as one of the top 10 sodium battery electrolyte suppliers in China, RTXC is currently actively applying for invention patents in the field of sodium-ion batteries.

Total market value: 20.834 billion

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