Top 10 boat battery manufacturers in China



Due to the emergence of fuel-powered vessels, there has been less demand for electric boats on the market. Now, in order to reduce carbon footprint and fuel waste, as well as the increasing maturity of pure electric boat technology and progressively lower battery cost, the global electric boat industry has great growth potential in the coming years, and may become the next big scenario for power battery applications after electric vehicles.

The top 10 boat battery manufacturers in China in 2023 include EVE, CATL, Camel Group, GOTION HIGH-TECH, BYD, Ganfeng Lithium,Great Power, Sunwoda,Lishen and REPT.

Top 10 boat battery manufacturers in China in 2023



EVE's logo

Established date

December 24, 2001

Global headquarters

Guangdong, China

Total market value

RMB 1629.32billion

Company website

 Company profile: As a high-quality lithium battery platform company, EVE has both core consumer and power battery technologies and comprehensive solutions, and its products are widely used in the field of Internet of Things and Energy Internet, and it is also the first lithium battery manufacturer in China to enter the field of electric boats.

EVE's building


Leading products and technologies: EVE's main products include consumer batteries such as lithium primary batteries and cylindrical batteries for applications in automotive electronics and power tools and two major categories of power batteries, such as square ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, power and storage battery systems for applications in electric boats and power energy storage.

EVE‘s products

For boat batteries, it also adopts an enhanced EMI immunity design for the marine environment.

EVE‘s building 




CATL logo

Established date

December 16, 2011

Global headquarters

Fujian, China

Total market value

RMB 1011.2billion

Company website

Company profile: CATL has been the world's leading battery company for the sixth consecutive year, addressing passenger cars, energy storage systems, recycling and commercial applications.

CATL office building

Leading products and technologies: On August 14, 2020, the world's first oil-electric hybrid dual-powered large coastal tourism vessel " Greater Bay Area I" was equipped with CATL’s power battery system.

Equipped with CATL's boat batteries

It adopts advanced module-less battery (CTP) technology, with 144 high-energy density battery packs for the entire ship, and an overall power of 2,520kWh, equivalent to the power of 200 hybrid cars.

CATL's products

CATL will also continue to advance in the field of power boat batteries like the best lithium marine battery etc.

③ Camel Group

Camel Group is one of the top 10 boat battery manufacturers in China

Established date

July 2, 1994

Global headquarters

Hubei, China

Total market value

RMB 10.92billion

Company website

Company profile: Camel Group is a comprehensive high-tech company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of advanced batteries. Its products mainly focus on the development, production and sales of lead-acid batteries, covering vehicles, ships, industry and other special areas.

Camel Group building

Among them, its boat battery series can be used in various scenarios, such as ship starting, communication and lighting, and life power.

Leading products and technologies: Recently, Camel Group launched two new boat battery products. One is the 6-CQW-200MF type battery for ship starting, with an actual high capacity of 225AH, which can meet the starting function for the current ship starting conditions.

Camel Group's office building


The other is the enhanced 6-CQW-225MF battery for boats, with an actual capacity of 245AH, which can meet the conditions of communication, lighting, live electricity and starting on boats.

Camel Group products




Established date

January 23, 1995

Global headquarters

Anhui, China

Total market value

RMB 62.3billion

Company website

Company profile: GOTION HIGH-TECHCATL is one of the top 10 power battery pack companies in China. Its products are widely used in new energy vehicles such as pure electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and will start entering the marine sector in 2019, as well as providing system solutions for energy storage power plants and communication base stations.

GOTION HIGH-TECH office building

Leading products and technologies: GOTION HIGH-TECH's main products are lithium iron phosphate materials and cells, ternary materials and cells, power battery pack, battery management systems and energy storage battery packs.

GOTION HIGH-TECH working condition

In July 2020, China's first battery-powered hybrid recreational fishing boat, "Qinhuangdao", was put into use, and its deeply integrated high-voltage control cabinet battery pack lithium iron phosphate battery system was customized by GOTION HIGH-TECH.





BYD logo

Established date

February 10, 1995

Global headquarters

Guangdong, China

Total market value

RMB 727billion

Company website

Company profile: BYD is one of the top 10 lithium battery companies in the world, its business layout covers electronics, automotive, new energy and rail transportation, etc. BYD power batteries are widely used in models, and in the future, BYD also intends to get involved in boats, aircraft and all other large transportation fields.

BYD's building

Leading products and technologies: BYD has a complete R&D and production system for power batteries, including: cell R&D and manufacturing, BMS R&D and manufacturing, battery pack development and manufacturing, etc.

BYD's products


It also has in-depth research into solid electrolytes, composite diaphragm, etc. and have a strong product development capability.

BYD's product

⑥ Ganfeng Lithium

Ganfeng Lithium logo

Established date

March 2, 2000

Global headquarters

Jiangxi, China

Total market value

RMB 193.8billion

Company website

Company profile: Ganfeng Lithium, one of the world's leading lithium eco-companies, is engaged in the development of upstream lithium resources, midstream lithium salt deep processing and lithium metal smelting, downstream lithium battery manufacturing and comprehensive recycling of used batteries and other important links in the value chain.

Ganfeng Lithium's office building


Its products are widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage, 3C products, chemicals and other fields.

Leading products and technologies: Ganfeng Lithium's downstream lithium battery manufacturing is mainly in the fields of power, energy storage and consumer device batteries, with technologies such as solid-state lithium battery manufacturing and high electromagnetic shielding TWS batteries, etc.

Equipped with Ganfeng Lithium's boat battery

It has also obtained the CSS approval certificate for lithium battery-related product types and is actively developing electric boats.

Ganfeng Lithium's products


⑦ Great Power

Great Power logo

Established date

February 24, 2012

Global headquarters

Henan, China

Total market value

RMB 27.5billion

Company website

Company profile: Great Power is one of the largest and most complete battery manufacturers in China, focusing on lithium battery manufacturing and R&D. It is now fully focused on energy storage and actively developing the field of power boat batteries.

Great Power's building

Leading products and technologies: Great Power's main products are divided into three categories: energy storage, consumer and power, including lithium polymer, lithium iron, PACK, etc.

Great Power's product

More than ten series and 300 varieties, which also obtained the type approval certificate of lithium battery products from CCS and actively entered the field of electric boats.


Great Power's products

⑧ Sunwoda

Sunwoda logo

Established date

December 9, 1997

Global headquarters

Guangdong, China

Total market value

RMB 46.92billion

Company website

Company profile: Sunwoda is one of the world leaders in consumer battery packs, with a global share of 30% in the cell phone battery business, and has become the fourth tier 1 global power battery manufacturer in China.

Sunwoda's building

Leading products and technologies: Sunwoda's main products are divided into three categories by application: cell phone digital lithium-ion battery modules, notebook computer lithium-ion battery modules, and power lithium-ion battery modules.

Sunwoda's products


In addition, it is actively expanding into boat battery products, electric vehicles and energy storage power plants. Its lithium iron phosphate battery products for boats and offshore installations have also been approved by CCS.

 Sunwoda  product


⑨ Lishen

Lishen logo

Established date

December 25, 1997

Global headquarters

Tianjin, China

Registered capital

RMB 19.3billion

Company website

Company profile: Lishen is the first lithium-ion battery R&D manufacturing company in China, whose product applications cover three major areas: consumer electronics, new energy transportation and energy storage.

Lishen's building

Leading products and technologies: Lishen products include round (column), square, power and polymer batteries, as well as photovoltaic systems, supercapacitors and the other six series of nearly 1,000 models.

Lishen product 

At present, CCS has issued a type approval certificate to Lishen for lithium battery products, and Lishen is also actively developing the field of electric boats. 




Established date

October 25, 2017

Global headquarters

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

RMB 2.2billion

Company website

Company profile: As one of the top 10 power battery companies in terms of installed capacity in China, REPT is mainly engaged in R&D, power production and sales as well as lithium-ion battery monomer energy storage system application, focusing on providing quality solutions for new energy vehicle power and intelligent power storage.

REPT building

Leading products and technologies: REPT's main products are square aluminum foil lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, boats and other power fields and grid power storage and other energy storage fields.

REPT workshop

Not only that, it has also obtained the type approval certificate of products related to lithium batteries by CCS, in the active layout of power boat battery field. 

REPT product

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