Outdoor power supply - applications analysis and helpful guide to find the best one



With the increase of people's outdoor camping activities, outdoor power supply is the best choice to realize the freedom of electricity. The outdoor power supply can easily supply power for laptops, photography lights, projectors, kettles and other equipment. It is very suitable for multiple application scenarios such as outdoor activities, outdoor camping, outdoor live broadcast, RV travel, night market stalls, family emergency, mobile office, etc.

1. What is an outdoor power supply?

The outdoor power supply is a portable energy storage power supply with a built-in lithium-ion battery and its own energy storage. It can provide convenient power for various electrical equipment, and can solve various power needs in one stop, especially in special occasions where mains power cannot be supplied.

The outdoor power supply can convert DC power into AC power that can be used by other electrical appliances through the inverter, and also supports DC output of multiple interfaces to charge various digital devices.

What is an outdoor power supply


There are many charging methods for outdoor power supplies, mainly divided into solar panel charging (solar to DC charging), mains charging (charging circuit built into the outdoor power supply, AC to DC charging), and vehicle charging.

2. Composition of outdoor power supply

  • Supporting protective structure: surface shell, internal buffer and protective structure
  • Input and output control modules: inverter module, DC module
  • Battery pack assembly: battery pack, BMS module

3. Applications of outdoor power supply

When it comes to outdoor power supply, many people's first reaction is that it is only used for camping in the wild, and some people may confuse outdoor power with mobile power. But in fact, the outdoor power supply is very different from this in terms of shape and specific use, and it is much more extensive than charging treasures.

At present, the outdoor power supply in top 10 portable power station companies has been maturely used in mobile office, outdoor camping, outdoor self-driving tour, emergency rescue, household backup power supply, outdoor operation, outdoor survey and other power consumption fields. The following summarizes 5 uses for outdoor power supply.

Applications of outdoor power supply


Outdoor camping

In recent years, outdoor camping has become increasingly popular. In order to enjoy an exquisite camping, one of the essential equipment is the outdoor power supply. Now camping in the wild, the use of open flames is generally prohibited, and an outdoor power supply is especially important at this time.

If you want to cook food or make tea around the stove, you need to connect electric rice cookers, kettles and other electrical appliances to an outdoor power supply before they can be used. Or if you want to watch an outdoor movie at night, you also need an outdoor power supply that can drive the power of the projector.

Emergency power supply

In life, power outages occur from time to time, such as community circuit rectification, frequent electricity consumption in summer, etc. At this time, the outdoor power supply can be used as an emergency power supply and home energy storage, so that even if there is a sudden power failure, the outdoor power supply can also maintain the use of electrical appliances. At the same time, it can also charge mobile phones, computers and other equipment, and temporarily maintain the normal operation of electrical appliances.

Emergency power supply


Outdoor operation

Outdoor power supplies play a very important role in construction engineering, geological exploration, pipeline maintenance, road maintenance and other fields. Outdoor operation is often carried out in places where there is no electricity or where it is difficult to connect wires. If power supply is required, it will take a lot of manpower and material resources, the cost is extremely high, and it is difficult to ensure the stability of the power supply process.

Therefore, if the power and battery capacity of the outdoor power supply are large enough, it can act as a simple mobile backup power station, which can also provide a safe and stable power supply for outdoor operations. Moreover, the current outdoor power supply generally supports solar charging. As long as you bring a solar panel when working outdoors, you can recharge the outdoor power supply at any time under the condition of sufficient sunlight to extend the battery life.

Outdoor live and photography

Short video and live broadcasting are one of the hottest industries at the moment, and shooting locations are no longer limited to indoors. For outdoor live broadcast and photography, the most important thing is that the power of various devices must be sufficient, so as to avoid interruptions during the shooting process.

Outdoor live and photography


Whether it is live broadcast or photography, cameras, fill lights and other equipment must be indispensable, but it is not easy to connect to power outdoors. If there is an outdoor power supply at this time, it will be completely different. The outdoor power supply on the market basically has a variety of power supply methods. It can not only supply power to various photographic equipment, but also charge mobile devices such as mobile phones and computers.

Medical rescue

After natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons occur, the power supply facilities in the place of occurrence are very likely to be damaged. The use of rescue tools such as emergency lighting, fire fighting equipment, and communication equipment requires electricity to maintain. At this time, the outdoor power supply can provide continuous, stable, and safe power supply.

Especially in outdoor rescue work, the convenient and easy-to-carry, high-power and large-capacity outdoor power supply can be quickly put into the first-line rescue, providing reliable power support for ambulance personnel and medical equipment, and ensuring the normal operation of the machine.

Application of outdoor power supply in medical rescue


The above are the most common uses of outdoor power supplies, of course, the practical application does not stop there. Equipment or scenarios such as car refrigerators, RVs, fishing, and street stalls sometimes use outdoor power supplies. It plays an important role in different scenarios and has become the best solution for emergency power consumption.

4. How to find the most suitable and best outdoor power supply?


There are three types of batteries for outdoor power supply: ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lithium polymer batteries, all of which are currently mainstream lithium batteries. In contrast, lifepo4 battery has a longer service life. Under standard conditions, ordinary lithium batteries cannot be used after a maximum of 500 cycles, while lithium iron phosphate batteries can be recharged more than 2,000 times, and their service life can reach more than 6 years.

Moreover, if the lifepo4 battery is used for a long time, there will be no danger of battery swelling and explosion, and it can be discharged stably even in the event of bumps and impacts, and the safety is also higher. When purchasing, it is recommended that you give priority to the outdoor power supply of lifepo4 batteries.

Battery types for outdoor power supply


Battery energy

When buying an outdoor power supply, you must not only look at the battery capacity. The battery capacity can only represent the battery capacity that the outdoor power supply can store. The core parameter that determines the discharge capacity of the outdoor power supply and the power supply function is the battery energy.

The unit of battery energy is Wh, which refers to how much charge the battery holds or releases. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the power supply time. However, the larger the battery capacity, the greater the weight and volume of the battery.

Weight and volume

Easy travel has become the mainstream way of travel today, so the requirements for the weight and volume of outdoor power supplies are also getting higher and higher. The outdoor power supply is mainly used for outdoor shooting, outdoor office, and outdoor camping. The volume and weight of this kind of group equipment are relatively large, so the requirements for outdoor power supply are higher.


Outdoor short-term digital applications, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, notebooks and other outdoor office photographers, low power 300-500w, power 300-500wh products can be satisfied.

Long-term outdoor travel, boiling water, cooking, a lot of digital, night lighting, audio needs, the recommended power is 500-1000w, and the power of 500-1000wh products can meet the needs.

How to find the most suitable and best outdoor power supply


Household power outage emergency, lighting, mobile digital, notebook, power 300w-1000w can be used, depending on actual needs. For outdoor work and simple construction work without mains power, it is recommended to have more than 1000w, which can meet the needs of general low-power operations.

Outdoor power supply ports

The more types and quantities of ports the outdoor power supply has, the more devices can be charged, and the experience of using the functions will be stronger. At present, the mainstream interfaces of outdoor power supplies on the market mainly include AC, USB, Type-c, DC, car charger, PD, QC and other ports. When choosing, you can give priority to choosing a port with a richer variety and a larger number, and it is best to have a fast charging function.

5. Conclusion

On the basis of the above selections, some outdoor power supplies have many bonus options. For example: with solar panels, a steady stream of battery life guarantee. In addition, some outdoor power supplies have additional points such as LED lighting, SOS or customization, and the design is more user-friendly.

In general, the differences among products on the market provide outdoor people with more travel options. How to choose an outdoor power supply that suits you actually depends on your preferences and needs. Finally, choose the one that suits you best according to your needs, which is the best outdoor power supply.


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