The notes of how to start a dead battery safely



A dead battery is when the capacity of battery is low, below the minimum voltage at which it is charged, and the batteries cannot be charged. What's wrong with the charger showing dead battery?


At this time, charging it or using some other methods can restore the state of battery, saving us the cost of replacing the batteries. So, how to start a dead battery. This article will talk about how to start a dead battery safely.

1. How do I know if my battery is dead

After the lead-acid battery is fully charged, even if the batteries are not used, it will consume some power, commonly known as self-consumption. Although the amount of electricity consumed by self-consumption is not much every day, it will use up all the electricity over time.

If the voltage with the battery drops below the safety threshold, battery will starve to death, and the battery cannot be charged by ordinary methods. The battery life is far more than the normal use time, the normal use of the batteries are generally available for more than one year.

According to the conditions of use and operating conditions can judge whether battery is scrapped. When the following phenomena occur, it can be judged that battery has reached its final working life and should be scrapped. To replace it may cause high costs, the benefits of how to start a dead battery occur.

● Charging and electricity consumption are fast.

The actual discharge capacity of the batteries are less than about 60% of the rated capacity, and battery that cannot be restored after repair must be scrapped. Generally, when capacity of the battery is decayed to about 60%, its performance will be greatly attenuated. And soon completely lose the ability to charge and discharge. It is manifested as a short time to quickly fully charge, and quickly discharge, can not store electricity, discharge time is very short.

How do I know if my battery is dead


● Severe heating and case deformation when charging.

When battery plates soften and deform, the active material falls off, and the electrolyte in the pool is blackened, which cannot be repaired when it fails severely. Multimeter test voltage When the battery life ends, use a multimeter and ammeter to test its voltage, current, their values are very low, the performance of battery decreases, battery may produce short circuit, open circuit phenomenon, should be replaced in time to replace the new battery.

2. Why won't my car start after battery died

● Capacity loss

If the battery fails, it must be repaired or replaced. Under normal circumstances, the longer the use time, the weaker the storage capacity, and it will often run out of power. If the battery is not faulty, but the car is equipped with electricity-using equipment. Too much power consumption will also lead to no fire, it is recommended to turn off the electrical equipment on the car before getting out of the car.

3. Note on how to start a dead battery

We know that batteries are dead and wonder how to start a dead battery. In fact, because voltage of battery is below the safety threshold, it cannot be charged. We just need to find a way to get voltage of battery to the safety threshold, and we can continue to charge it.

● Precautions

  • Place the vehicle in an open area and ensure that it can be connected to the cable.
  • Make sure the booster battery has the same voltage as the dead car battery voltage.
  • Check voltage of the battery.
  • Make sure both cars have their ignition switches in the off position.
  • Wear goggles and gloves, acid inside the batteries may cause corrosion and injury.

    At the same time, attention must be paid to the possibility of explosion. If you are not familiar with how to start a dead battery, you can continue to look down. If during operation a problem arises that is difficult to solve, consult battery stores nearby and they know how to start a dead battery correctly.

    4. Explain how to start a battery in detail

    ● Close contact primation method

    Keep the two vehicles close until the jumper cable is enough to connect the cathode and anode of the two vehicle batteries:

    • Make sure there is a safe distance between the two vehicles.
    • Only cables with sufficient load carrying capacity and good insulation are allowed.
    • If battery that provides power is not easy to jump directly in the vehicle's installation position, the batteries must be removed with a tool.

    Determine the cathode and anode of the two car batteries, use the cable to connect, and ensure the reliable connection of the cables. Route the cable to prevent it from rubbing against the belt or fan when starting. Turn off all auxiliary electrical equipment on the started vehicle, start the vehicle providing power, and let the engine run for a few minutes to ensure sufficient power.

    Explain how to start a battery in detail


    Start the vehicle without electricity in the normal way. After the engine starts, the accelerator pedal should be lightly pressed to run the engine for a few minutes. Carefully remove the cable, taking care to avoid the cathode and anode cable joints colliding.

    ● Traction start method

    The principle of this method is similar to the method of cart starting, except that the driving force used is replaced by vehicle traction from manpower. Specific operating methods and precautions are:

    • Use a leash of appropriate length and tie both ends strongly.
    • Before towing, the driver of the front and rear vehicles should first determine the contact signal.
    • In addition to paying attention to the starting of the rear car, the driver of the front car should also pay attention to the traffic conditions on the road at any time and start slowly.

    ● Cart start-up method

    This method is familiar and the most effective emergency activation method. But it cannot be used often, because this will cause some damage to the engine and clutch. The specific methods and precautions for starting the cart are:

    Whether the road conditions where the vehicle is parked are suitable for the cart to start, it is best to use the downhill road to increase the starting speed. If the front of the vehicle is uphill, it is difficult to increase the speed when pushing the vehicle forward, and it is quite difficult for the vehicle to start.

    Try not to start the cart on the road section with many vehicles and pedestrians, so as to avoid accidents due to improper response of the driver after the vehicle starts. Before the vehicle is pushed, the ignition should be turned on, the clutch pedal should be pressed, and then the vehicle should be pushed. When the appropriate speed is reached, quickly release the clutch pedal and increase the throttle.

    As soon as the engine is started, the clutch pedal should be quickly depressed. At the same time, control the throttle to prevent the engine from stalling, then slowly stop, and pay attention to the vehicle for abnormalities. Trolley start-up generally requires two or more people, but if only the driver is himself, it is difficult to start.

    5. How to tell whether the battery is started successfully

    ● Measure the starter battery voltage.

    How to tell whether the battery is started successfully


    Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the batteries. The battery is usually located on the front or side of the engine area. Use a multimeter or voltmeter to connect the cathode cable to the cathode terminal of battery and the anode cable to the anode terminal of battery. The red indicates the cathode pole and black indicates the anode terminal.

    Select the correct measurement mode, select the voltage meter or multimeter knob in DC voltage mode, and then select the measurement range as DC 20 volts up and down.

    Measure the voltage of battery. At this point, the vehicle's power should be turned off and no other device is using the batteries. If the battery voltage is lower than 12.2 volts (12v battery), it means that the battery is low and needs to be charged.

    ● Check if the charger is working

    Plug the charger into a power outlet and connect it to the batteries that starts the vehicle. Please note: When connecting the charger, the anode cable should be connected before the cathode cable. Select the correct voltage and current adapter (refer to the charger manual) and turn on the charger switch.

    Connect the cathode cable of the multimeter or voltmeter to the cathode cable of the charger and the anode cable to the anode cable of the charger. If you encounter the problem that the starting vehicle will not start, you can rule out the problem by measuring the starting battery voltage and checking if the charger is working. If battery voltage is below 12.2 volts or the charger is not working properly, it needs to be charged and repaired in time.

    6. How to maintain my batteries to prevent death

    Batteries starving to death are still common. So when we use battery, if we don't use it for a long time, how should we maintain the batteries and prevent the situation of how to start a dead battery? This eliminates the need to start a dead battery.

    How to maintain my batteries to prevent death


    ● Regular charging

    If you do not use the electric car for a long time, you can charge the battery every 2~3 weeks.

    ● Disconnect battery cable

    If there is no time to charge, you can also disconnect the battery cable, so that there is no problem in charging it once in 2~3 months.

    ● Check it regularly

    Whether the small hole in battery cover is ventilated. If the small hole is blocked, the generated gas cannot be discharged, and the electrolyte will break the battery shell when it expands, thereby reducing the life of the battery. Regularly check the liquid level height of the electrolyte, and add the electrolyte in time when the liquid level height drops.

    ● Mind usage habits

    Stop-and-go during use, or sudden start-up can cause harm.

    7. Conclusion

    By knowing how to start a dead battery, we can activate the dead battery so that it can charge normally. However, after this happens, the batteries will be damaged to a certain extent, which is manifested as a decrease in the cruising range of the battery. Therefore, when we do not use electric vehicles for a long time, we must develop the habit of charging regularly and stop starving battery to death and easily operate the knowledge obout how to start a dead battery.


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