The concrete guide of how to make a golf cart faster



A golf cart is a vehicle specially designed for golf courses. We all know that golf carts are mainly driven by batteries, if the car does not have electricity, it can not be driven, for electric vehicles no power is a distressing thing. How to make a golf cart faster? This article will explain.


1. What batteries are used for golf carts

First of all, we must understand that the golf cart is powered by an on-board power supply, with 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12v battery and so on. They play different roles in different scenarios. Not only are they different, but they are configured differently in different usage scenarios.

The batteries used in golf carts are generally divided into three types: maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, water-added lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. These types of batteries have their own advantages and play different roles in different scenarios.

● Lead-acid maintenance-free battery

The biggest advantage is that it does not require maintenance, as long as it is regularly charged in accordance with the use regulations. Save time and effort and save on maintenance costs. As long as the line is regularly checked during use and not used violently, the service life of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries is still considerable.

● Add lead-acid water battery

Maintenance is relatively difficult. Note the amount of distilled water on the battery. If water is not added on time, it is easy to cause dry burning of the battery and battery damage. Therefore, it is necessary to check the battery regularly during daily use. In some scenic spots with a slightly larger slope, the power of adding water and lead-acid batteries is more than enough to meet the conditions of how to make a golf cart faster.

● Lithium battery

There are many advantages to lithium batteries, covering the advantages of the above two types of batteries. Particularly, lifepo4 battery has a high energy density, are safer and require no maintenance. There is only one disadvantage, and the price has no advantage. But in terms of how to make a golf cart faster, lithium batteries are a better choice.

Battery requirements for golf carts include:

  • Both capacity and energy density are required.
  • Low self-discharge and good storage performance.
  • The mesh should be made of a lead-calcium alloy to reduce water loss and ensure maintenance-free operation.
  • The grid design is formulated with lead paste to improve battery charge acceptance.
  • The use of high conductivity terminals is conducive to the discharge of batteries with high current.
  • With a controlled valve design, it is safe and reliable to use.
  • The colloidal electrolyte is used to prevent electrolyte delamination during use.

2. How to extend the power of a golf cart

It is convenient to use carts on the golf course, and many of them are electric these days. Long-term use will run out of power and stop in the middle of the road.

How to extend the power of a golf cart


Correct use of the cart can reduce the use of electricity. If you can save power, you can increase the driving range, so you don't have to worry about running out of power. How can you save power for your car and how to make a golf cart faster. To save power, you need to pay attention to the following things:

● Avoid sharp acceleration when starting the car.

Because of the sharp acceleration start, the current of the high voltage circuit will be large, and the frequent sharp acceleration start will affect the life of the motor controller and the power battery, while shortening the driving range. Avoid sudden stops.

● Sudden braking should be avoided as much as possible.

Sudden braking will accelerate the grinding of brake linings, and the current feedback caused by emergency braking has an impact on the motor controller, affecting the driving range and the life of the motor controller.

● Maintain a steady driving speed.

When road and traffic conditions permit, the vehicle should maintain a stable driving speed. The vehicle starts, and after accelerating to a certain speed, the accelerator pedal can be relaxed appropriately to maintain the current speed. Have you figured out how to make a golf cart faster? As long as the cart is used correctly, it can reduce the loss of electricity and increase the speed of the cart. I hope this knowledge can help friends who like golf.

3. How to make a golf cart faster through driving habits

Golf carts do not exist for speed. A high-speed cart will not only damage the lawn, but also harm the car itself. But nowadays, more and more people are driving golf carts off the course and wonder how to make a golf cart faster.

How to make a golf cart faster through driving habits


This is indeed a relatively cheap and interesting form of transportation. For this alternative function, low speed becomes a defect. Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to make golf carts faster. Of course, safe operation must be ensured.

  • Minus excess weight on the golf cart.

Remove any unnecessary accessories that you can safely remove. However, you have to make sure that you know what accessories you are removing and that these accessories have no impact on the performance of the golf cart.

  • Install a high speed motor.

Of course, the premise is that this motor is suitable for your cart. Install a higher amperage and high performance controller.

  • Replace a gear with a lower ratio.
  • Replace larger and thicker tires.

This ensures that there is still good traction when the ball cart is driving at high speed, making driving safer. Debug the transmission. It's as simple as removing the plastic cover behind the seat, finding the "T" shaped transmission, connecting the silver part with the metal bar behind it, and reinstalling the plastic cover.

4. Considerations of the use of golf carts

The golf field is very large, the means of transportation on the course is the cart, and there are many rules and precautions for using the cart. Following these rules will not make us rude on the course.

Today, I will tell you what you need to pay attention to when using golf carts. How to make a golf cart faster is not a question here. Due to the different seasons and course conditions, golf courses will have different cart driving rules, the most common of which are two.

Considerations of the use of golf carts


First, the cart is limited to the lane. This rule applies to courts with wet and soft ground, in order to avoid damage to the fairway turf.

Second, the 90-degree rule. The rule requires the cart to drive mainly in the lane, reach level of the drop point, turn at a 90-degree right angle, cross the fairway and drive directly to the ball position, drive back to the fairway after hitting the ball, and continue to drive forward.

The 90-degree rule allows players to drive to the ball with minimal damage to the fairway grass. It must be borne in mind that under any circumstances on any course, carts, handcarts are strictly forbidden to drive on the green and tee area, otherwise serious damage will be caused to the course. Usually there are signs on the course indicating the areas where the electric golf cart is driven and parked, and players should strictly follow it.

At last, when using golf carts, you should pay attention to safety. Here, safety refers to the personal safety of players and the environmental safety of the course. I hope this knowledge will help everyone.

5. How to make your golf cart last longer

● Check it regularly.

During use, if the cruising range of the electric golf cart suddenly drops by more than ten kilometers in a short period of time. It is likely that at least one battery in the battery pack has a short circuit such as disconnection, plate softening, or plate active material falling off. At this time, you should go to a professional battery repair institution for inspection, repair or matching.

How to make your golf cart last longer


● Avoid acidylation.

Lead sulfate crystals attach to the plates, blocking the ion channels, causing insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. The longer the idle time in the power loss state, the more serious the damage to the battery. When the battery is not in use, it should be charged once a month, which can extend the service life of the battery.

● Protect against high temperature exposure.

The environment with too high temperatures will increase the car battery voltage, and the direct consequence is to increase the water loss of the battery. Excessive water loss will inevitably cause battery activity to decline and accelerate plate softening. When charging, the shell heats up, drums, deforms, and causes other fatal damage.

● Do not discharge with large currents.

Try to avoid instantaneous high current discharges. High current discharge can easily lead to crystallization of sulfate, thus damaging the physical properties of the battery plate.

● Controll charging time.

Under normal circumstances, the battery is charged at night, and the average charging time is about 8 hours. If it is a shallow discharge, the battery will be fully charged soon, and the overcharge phenomenon will occur when charging continues, resulting in water loss and heat generation in the battery, reducing its life. Therefore, the battery is best charged once when the discharge depth is 60%–70%.

6. Conclusion

The average electric golf cart travels at a speed of 18–24 km/h, but in some ranges, this speed is not fast enough to be improved. How to make a golf cart faster is a concern for everyone. The above method will make the golf cart run faster when making or perhaps modifying it. How to make a golf cart faster and safer depends on how you use and maintain the battery.


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