GOTION released a 360Whkg semi-solid battery, which will be in mass production soon



GOTION released 360Wh/kg semi-solid battery - which will be installed soon, and the batteries released by GOTION HIGH-TECH for the first time entered the stage of industrialization. From May 27th to 28th, GOTION HIGH-TECH held the 11th Science and Technology Conference, during which a number of technological and product innovations were released, including a 360Wh/kg semi-solid battery with a battery life of 1,000 kilometers, "Born For Second Use" JTM+ stacked stone swapping technology, YIJIADIAN intelligent mobile energy storage charging pile products.

The former product is about to be loaded, and the latter has also signed contracts with partners in multiple locations. At the same time of strengthening technological innovation, the cooperation between GOTION and Volkswagen, which is very concerned in the industry, is also continuing to deepen. Volkswagen has participated in the daily management of GOTION HIGH-TECH and supported the improvement of its processes and standards. At the moment, the standard ternary and lithium iron batteries developed by GOTION have been designated by Volkswagen.

1.360Wh/kg semi-solid battery to be loaded this year

The further improvement of the energy density of power batteries poses a greater challenge to safety. One of the effective ways is to develop a solid-liquid hybrid semi-solid battery. Around this, the top power battery companies are working hard to tackle key problems. GOTION Hi-Tech first publicly demonstrated its semi-solid battery - 580mm in length, 120mm in width, 9mm in thickness, 136Ah in capacity and 1341 g in weight.

This semi-solid battery developed by GOTION can achieve single-cell energy density of 360Wh/kg through a series of new materials and technologies such as solid electrolyte coated on the surface of positive material particles, new high-safety functional diaphragm, high-safety liquid electrolyte, silicon anode and composite current collector, and has passed the most stringent nail penetration test. It can also pass the 180℃ 30min hot box test higher than the national standard.

Vehicle loading application of semi-solid battery


The first-generation semi-solid battery of GOTION HIGH-TECH can pass the 1mm penetration acupuncture test, and the second-generation products can pass the 5mm penetration acupuncture test. The battery will be installed this year. GOTION HIGH-TECH provided data on a high-end model. The car has a battery capacity of 160kWh, a cruising range of 1,000 kilometers, a battery pack energy density of 260Wh/kg, and an acceleration time of 3.9 seconds per 100 kilometers.

The executive vice president of GOTION HIGH-TECH Engineering Research Institute said that in addition to the 360Wh/kg ternary semi-solid battery planned to be mass-produced this year, its 400Wh/kg ternary semi-solid battery currently has prototypes in the laboratory sample. In the future, GOTION will accelerate the transition from liquid battery to semi-solid state and finally realize all-solid state through technological innovation of silicon-based anode iteration, lithium metal anode and prelithiation technology. GOTION also revealed that a larger production line for semi-solid batteries is still under construction, and it is planned to be officially put into production in the first half of next year.

2.Lithium iron phosphate +JTM technology breaks the ceiling of LFP battery performance

GOTION HIGH-TECH, which insists on deeply cultivating lithium iron phosphate batteries, has continuously broken its performance ceiling through continuous technological innovation. At the 10th Science and Technology Conference of GOTION HIGH-TECH in 2021, it released the JTM ((jelly-roll to module, core to module, cancel the cell shell) technology and 210Wh/kg lithium iron phosphate battery cells of laboratory samples, and now these technologies have entered the stage of industrialization.

Continuous improvement of cathode materials


This time, GOTION HIGH-TECH successfully grafted this cell and JTM battery and realized industrialization. According to the introduction by the senior vice president of GOTION HIGH-TECH, the battery cell to be announced has a capacity of 47Ah, a weight of 710 g, and an energy density of 210Wh/kg. The energy density of the battery pack using JTM technology reaches 180Wh/kg. According to GOTION HIGH-TECH, the fact that lithium iron phosphate batteries can achieve such a battery high energy density is due to the substantial optimization of cathode materials.

GOTION HIGH-TECH has continuously improved its gram capacity and compaction density by using cathode material doping modification, structural design, and prelithiation technology, and has now reached 152mAh/g and 2.55g/cc. Second, thick electrode technology is used. Thick electrode technology is an important means to greatly improve the energy density of batteries, but the conductive network problem of thick electrodes must be solved.

GOTION lithium iron phosphate energy density improvement technology roadmap


GOTION HIGH-TECH can significantly increase the energy density of the battery and reduce the electrode resistivity of the thick electrode by designing a three-dimensional conductive network, while taking into account high energy density and power characteristics. Of course, prelithiation technology is indispensable in order to solve the first effect issue. GOTION HIGH-TECH is continuing to tap the potential of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

According to the technical roadmap for improving the energy density of lithium iron phosphate of GOTION HIGH-TECH, 220Wh/kg cells will be launched in 2022, and 260Wh/kg will be achieved by 2030. On this basis, GOTION put the lithium iron phosphate monomer energy density 210Wh/kg product on the JTM system independently developed by the company, and combined with its stacked stone swapping technology, officially entered the field of power exchange, realizing charging, exchanging, storage integration.

JTM + Stacked stone technology-design for second use


Cells using JTM technology are very suitable for cascade utilization, so they are called "batteries designed for cascade utilization" by GOTION HIGH-TECH. GOTION HIGH-TECH did not introduce much about this battery swapping technology, but only mentioned that it is a new business model integrating charging, swapping and storage. For the moment, products based on this technology have received batch orders and will enter the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's new car announcement catalog in the near future.

3.Product innovation focuses on mobile energy storage charging

With the increase in the penetration rate of electrification, the convenience of charging in the application link has become the most concerned "pain point" for consumers. At this technology conference, in addition to batteries, GOTION HIGH-TECH also launched the first self-developed product in the field of mobile energy storage and charging for ordinary consumers - YIJIADIAN intelligent mobile energy storage charging pile, which has easy layout and multiple scenarios, large capacity and high power and other characteristics, it is the best solution for the integration of distributed storage and charging in the city, and the price of a single unit is 350,000 RMB.

The general manager of YiJiaNeng Digital Technology (a subsidiary of GOTION) believes that there are three scenarios for electric vehicle power supply in the future. The first is the most common fixed-pile charging, the second is the recently-promoting power exchange station, and the third is Mobile energy storage charging. Mobile energy storage charging has three major advantages: from the perspective of electricity consumption, this charging method gets rid of the constraints of the grid, realizes peak shaving and valley filling and reduces grid load, making charging safer and more secure.

YIJIADIAN intelligent mobile energy storage charging pile


From the perspective of the site, its charging breaks through the space limitation, no infrastructure construction is required, and the deployment is more flexible. From the perspective of application scenarios, it breaks the limitation of thinking. It is both a charging pile and an energy storage station, and the economic benefits are directly doubled. According to reports, YIJIADIAN set energy storage and charging in one, which can both store energy and charge. It is easy to deploy and has high resource utilization rate. Its single battery is less than 200 degrees, has a strong affinity, can be deployed in a decentralized manner, and has a high degree of security. This product is independently piled up to make up for the shortage of charging piles. It combines charging and energy storage, and the cost can be recovered in 4 to 5 years.

4.The cooperation between GOTION and Volkswagen is continuing to deepen

The industry is very concerned about the cooperation between GOTION and Volkswagen. At the meeting, Frank Engel, Executive Vice President of Volkswagen Group (China), introduced the cooperation between Volkswagen and GOTION in detail. Frank Engel believes that GOTION HIGH-TECH is one of the important strategic partners of Volkswagen Group and a technical partner of Volkswagen's Selzgitter plant. For GOTION HIGH-TECH, Volkswagen is both a shareholder, a consultant, and a customer.

"As a shareholder, Volkswagen participates in the management work with GOTION Hi-Tech, and supports the establishment of the board committee and the management committee process to strengthen corporate management capabilities; as a consultant, Volkswagen dispatches experts to support the improvement of GOTION's processes and standards. As a customer, GOTION HIGH-TECH tailor-made products according to Volkswagen standards. The two sides continue to have an open and friendly cooperative relationship.”

The cooperation between GOTION and Volkswagen is continuing to deepen


The information given by GOTION shows that the total number of the Volkswagen GOTION joint project team has exceeded 100, and it has fully covered functions such as battery cells, manufacturing processes, project management, quality, and testing. In the meantime, the ternary and iron-lithium standard batteries developed by GOTION have been designated by the public. For the time being, in addition to further cultivating technology in the battery field, GOTION HIGH-TECH has also begun to make arrangements in the field of charging and swapping.

Recently, the trend of battery companies extending to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain has become more and more obvious. Under the trend of swapping, battery companies have begun to actively launch standardized battery products. It is believed that in the future, GOTION HIGH-TECH, one of the Top 15 power battery companies, will see more products and layouts in the field of charging and replacing. Facing the TWh era, the technological competition among power battery companies is no longer a single product or technology competition, but a competition of technology and product originality, systematic and continuous innovation and industrialization grounding ability. Only battery companies with this capability can have the opportunity to be invincible in the fast-rising market.