Brand Review of Tycorun:Quality Battery Products

Have you used Tycorun lithium battery

I have searched many merchants for my RV battery. When i saw Tycorun's official website and reviews that attracted me, there's show Tycorun battery have UN38.3, MSDS, UL, CE certificates for lithium batteries,so I wanted to give it a try.

I think everyone is really entangled in choosing and buying batteries like me, so I want to recommend Tycorun batteries directly to everyone.

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  • 1.The actual performance of Tycorun Lithium Batteries
  • 2.Browse the best Tycorun products
  • 3.My own advice: Make the best of Tycorun
  • 4.What about the Tycorun brand
  • 5.Anything else:Tycorun Review FAQs
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    1.The actual performance of Tycorun Lithium Batteries

    They delivered the goods to me the next day after placing the order, which made me look forward to it very much. When I received the battery, I noticed that their packaging was very complete and careful, The good quality plastic case of the battery have some foam boards ouside prevents bumps. It's show water dust resistance is IP65, also passed the immersion test (no leakage, no smoke, no fire), drop resistance test (the battery has no obvious damage from a height of 1 meter, no leakage or explosion), vibration test.

    The weight is lighter than my old battery used before in same capacity, and battery looks very beautiful and new as a whole, and I am very happy that the battery of Tycorun is very suitable for my RV.

    I've been using it for a long time, and I was really surprised by its quality performance compared to my old battery. Camping with it in my RV is one of the happiest things I can do when the epidemic is still serious. I don't have to worry about power or spend time maintaining it.

    2.Browse the best Tycorun products

    It can be seen from the homepage that the 12v series is their best-selling product

    Tycorun 12v lithium ion battery

    Tycorun lithium-ion batteries is composed of brand new A-class batteries from the world's top 5 manufacturers , there are also many protection components inside, of which the battery management system in the battery is one of the main components. It communicates with any other connected external devices and manages voltage and temperature to ensure the safe use of batteries.

    The cycle life of Tycorun battery is over 3000 times, and it's have a lower discharge rate because it is said that only about one to five percent of the batteries are discharged each month. Therefore, better guarantee the long life of the battery. As a deep-cycle battery that replaces lead-acid batteries, it has a 10-year warranty. This reassures me

    Some of the information above comes from Tycorun's website. Based on my own experience with 12v batteries, these are true, so I put them here directly. Of course, you can also visit their official website. There is not only product information, but also battery related instructions and expertise. Their website information helped me a lot in choosing the right lithium battery.

    3.My own advice: Make the best of Tycorun

    According to the battery operating temperature in the Tycorun manual, when using or storing lithium-ion batteries, avoid extreme high and low temperatures

    Stop charging when it shows that the charging is complete, and charge the battery regularly. Charge the battery when the battery is 25% left, and charge it once a month when it is not in use.

    I pay more attention to these two points. Until now, my battery still performs very well.

    4.What about the Tycorun brand

    Tycorun brand was established in 2007, a professional lithium battery pack factory for 14 years. Tycorun is one of the best lithium battery manufacturers in China. Everyone knows that China's lithium battery products have always been excellent, and many lithium batteries on the market are Chinese. Tycorun's customers are all over the world, indicating that the quality is really good. That's why I chose them.

    These are the comments I saw in browsing:

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    5.Anything else:Tycorun Review FAQs

    1.What does Tycorun sell?

    Tycorun Energy is located in China and is a lithium-ion battery manufacturing company that provides safe and reliable solutions for lithium battery systems and lithium battery products in various countries. Their products are widely used in household and industrial energy storage, power communication equipment, medical electronic equipment, transportation, logistics tools, surveying and mapping, new energy power, etc.

    2.How long will Tycorun lithium battery last?

    It's over 80% Depth Of Discharge, 12V lithium battery & 48V battery can reach 3000 cycle times. Untill now, I've been using it for three months, and one discharge still lasts a long time.

    3.Arethe Tycorun lithium products expensive?

    I thought lithium batteries were more expensive than other types of batteries before i bought them, but after I made up my mind to try them, it was really worth it.

    4.How is Tycorun Delivery?

    Transportation is very efficient, and all lithium batteries must be transported by land. In the United States, the delivery time of the 12v100ah stock battery like I bought is 12 working days.

    5.DoesTycorun guarantee the warranty?

    About after sale, All Tycorun batteries have a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 10-year warranty. If there is a manufacturing problem with the battery during the warranty period, they will repair or replace it. Also battery accessories and other free products (chargers, voltmeters, power boxes, etc.) all have a 1-year warranty. Tycorun has a good sales strategy for lithium-ion batteries, give our customers a good purchase guarantee.

    6.Can I get detailed instructions on how to use the lithium battery correctly form Tycorun?

    Yes. The sales staff also will very enthusiastic guide you. They responded promptly.

    7.How do tycorun ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

    All Tycorun batteries will be shipped to 48 states in the continental United States for free. UPS Ground Freight and Tracking Number. Depending on the battery product and country/region, they have FedEx, USPS or DHL methods for international delivery and transportation in Hawaii and Alaska.

    Tycorun usually ships the battery from the warehouse within 7 working days, and it may take 3 – 5 days to ship within the United States. You can ask the salesperson for the specific time.


    Reliable products and pre-sales and after-sales service make me want to keep following their product. I have already recommended my friends. Overall, I already trust Tycorun,  it's my first choice for batteries.