How to make a battery optima of EV



With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the penetration rate of EVs is also increasing. While they have a lower cost of use than fuel models, the consumption of EVs is also a very frustrating problem for car owners. At the same time, battery optima is also a major concern.


At present, the power battery used on the market, or any rechargeable lifepo4 battery, will inevitably have battery loss, so that its capacity will be reduced and battery optima is necessary. However, studies have shown that if the following methods or measures are taken, the decay rate of batteries can be slowed down to a certain extent to achieve battery optima.

1. How to perform a battery loss check

The first thing to do is to start checking batteries so that we can find the problem and battery optima. Insufficient storage,loose cable connections, poor battery grounding, battery leakage, car circuit leakage, etc. are all parts that need to be checked. Here are the steps to check and are precautions for battery optima:

  • Check if battery voltage is too low.
  • Check that battery cable is securely connected.
  • Check battery for leaks.
  • Charge the battery.
  • Check the car circuit for leaks. Battery discharge check.

2. Why batteries become undurable

When battery is not used for a long time, battery self discharge will happen slowly until it is scrapped. The car should start regularly to charge the battery. Another method is to unplug the two electrodes on it. It should be noted that the cathode and anode poles should be pulled off the poles.

The anode wire should be unplugged first, or the connection between the anode pole and the car chassis should be removed. Then pull out the other end with the plus sign. The battery has a certain service life and needs to be replaced in a certain cycle. Developing good car habits can help battery optima, such as:

  • When the ammeter pointer shows that the storage capacity is insufficient, it should be charged in time.
  • The storage capacity of battery can be seen on the dashboard.
  • The density of the electrolyte is adjusted according to the standards of different regions and seasons.
  • When electrolytes are insufficient, distilled water or special rehydration fluids should be added.
  • Avoid drinking purified water. Because purified water contains a variety of trace elements, it will have adverse effects on batteries.
Why batteries become undurable


When starting the car, uninterrupted use of the starter can cause battery to be damaged due to excessive discharge and hard to make battery optima. The correct way to use it is that the total time to start the car at one time should not exceed 5 seconds, and the interval between starting again should not be less than 15 seconds.

When the car fails to start multiple times, the cause should be looked for from other aspects such as circuits, ignition coils or oil circuits. Daily drivers should always check whether the holes in the battery cover are ventilated. If the hole in battery cover is blocked, the hydrogen and oxygen produced cannot be discharged. The expansion of the electrolyte will burst battery case, affecting the battery optima and life.

Always check the cathode and anode of the battery for signs of oxidation. The terminal of the battery can often be filled with hot water. Always check circuit parts for aging or short circuits. Prevent premature decommissioning of batteries due to excessive discharge. These can be seen that battery optima has many benefits.

3. Steps to perform battery optima

● Try to use slow charging and avoid long-term use of fast charging

Fast charging itself does not necessarily lead to accelerated battery degradation and hard to do battery optima, but the increased thermal load and car battery voltage can damage the internal components of the battery cell. Damage inside these batteries can result in fewer lithium ions being able to transfer from the cathode to the anode at the microscopic level, resulting in a decay of battery optima and capacity.

● Avoid full battery discharge and discharge 

At present, most EVs have limited the upper limit of batteries, hiding part of the capacity, and actively avoiding overcharging the battery, which is conducive to battery optima.

Steps to perform battery optima


In the process of use, the manufacturer also gave advice: do not let battery full charge, that is, the power should not be less than 10–20% when using; otherwise, battery load will increase, which will lead to faster attenuation, and the battery needs to be charged at this time. Don't charge too much when charging, charge 80–90%.

● Use battery within the appropriate temperature range

The activity of the battery in low-temperature environments will be reduced, and the use of EVs in colder places will slow down the charging speed of the battery, and temporarily reduce its charge, reducing the overall driving range. Warming the right temperature is good for fast charging, but too high a temperature can also damage battery and easily trigger risks such as fire.

● The impact of mileage and time

The impact of range and time on the decay of EVs does not mean paying attention to the method of use, but that these two factors play an important role in the power attenuation and battery optima. Therefore, if you buy an electric car, you must use it often, put it there without it, and will also decay. Of course, the longer the use time, the longer the mileage, and its attenuation will also increase. However, the rate of increase is gradually slowing down.

4. EV lithium battery charging method and precautions

When battery is too low during the driving of the EV, it should be charged in time as soon as possible. Therefore, it's time for battery optima. After the batteries aredischarged, the vulcanization process begins, and at the beginning of 12 hours, there is a significant vulcanization.

EV lithium battery charging method and precautions


Timely charging, can remove not serious vulcanization, if not charged in time, these vulcanization crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals, so after use, it is necessary to charge as soon as possible, as far as possible to make the lithium battery pack in a full state.

In hot weather, it is not possible to charge in the sun. It cannot be charged immediately after driving. EVs cannot be charged in the hot sun, nor can batteries be exposed to the sun. Keep away from open flames and heat sources at high temperatures.

5. Conclusion

At present, battery technology of EVs is relatively mature, which makes them widely popular. The issue of battery optima and life is also of concern to many people, and this article details the steps of battery optima and how to properly charge the car.


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