Explain the life and replacement of battery for key fob



With the advancement of science and technology, the design and operation of car functions are becoming more and more convenient, and the remote control key as part of the car, from the previous mechanical key to the remote control key, to a single key start, greatly facilitates the operation of the owner.


But many people usually pay little attention to when the battery for key fob runs out of power. Going out and finding that the remote control key is out of power, and you have to go home to get the backup key, which is really troublesome. So, how long will the battery for key fob last, and what are the signs before it dies?

1. Introduction to battery for key fob

When we buy a car, we usually come with two keys. One is often used and the other is stored all the time as a spare key. As a result, when we wanted to use the spare key one day, we found that there seemed to be no electricity. A battery for key fob is an electronically constructed transmitter, similar to a TV remote control and usually uses lithium battery. The battery should be placed in a dry place to avoid corrosion caused by wet water.

2. How long is the battery life of battery for key fob

Under normal circumstances, the battery life of the remote key control is generally 2-3 years. It is determined according to the actual number of uses, and there are differences between different models, and it is difficult to determine the specific replacement time.

In addition, the service life of the battery for key fob will vary according to usage habits. Some drivers' key fob batteries will die after 1 year, while some people's key fob batteries can still be used after 5 or 10 years, which has a lot to do with usage habits.

● Precautions for using the key:

  • Avoid contact with objects with magnetic fields.
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures.
  • Avoid hanging with other keys or accessories.
  • After loss, you need to match the new key in time to avoid property loss.
  • Do not leave spare keys in the car.
  • Prevent the smart key from being dropped or collided.
  • When replacing the key battery, pay attention to whether the battery model matches.
How long is the battery life of battery for key fob

    In our daily life, a battery for key fob can easily open the car door. But sometimes it can also get out of control. Why? Let's look at it together.

    3. The appearance of a dead battery for key fob

    ● Shortened control distance

    When the remote control key battery is fully charged, it can open the door by remote control five or six meters away from the car. But now it has to be very close to the door to react, which may mean that the battery is running low.

    ● Occasional failures

    When using a car key to open the door remotely or lift the window or open and close the trunk, occasionally press but there is no response. You have to press it a few more times, which is also likely to be dead battery.

    ● Key indicator

    Pay attention to the indicator light on the key fob. If the brightness of the indicator is darker than usual when the button is pressed, or it flashes when pressed, it is basically necessary to change the battery.

    ● Dashboard alerts

    On the dashboard of some models, the remaining charge of the battery for key fob is displayed directly. When the battery is used for a long time, usually pay attention to the remaining power. If the display power is too low, replace it on time.

    The appearance of a dead battery for key fob


    Of course, if the battery does not respond, it is not necessarily dead. It is also possible that there is a source of interference nearby, which affects the use of the key fob. Although that's not very likely. However, for your own safety, it is recommended that when you use the car key to lock the door, you must confirm that the door is locked before leaving.

    4. What to do if battery for key fob is dead

    In general, many people don't carry a spare car key with them at all times. What should I do if my battery dies?

    ● Use a mechanical key

    Each key fob is actually equipped with a mechanical key, usually with a switch. Pull the key off and plug it into the door lock for normal operation, and the door keyhole is located on the lock cover at the end of the door handle.

    Generally, cars with a one-button start function are set up in a sensing area, and after the door is opened, you can start the car by simply placing the key on the sensing area. In addition, the hidden car keyhole will be seen by prying out the plastic button of the one-button start behind the one-button start button.

    ● Replace the battery

    If there are battery stores nearby, you can go for a replacement battery. If you can change the battery yourself, you can buy a suitable button battery nearby to replace it. However, if you are not skilled or not, it is recommended not to replace it yourself, in case it is broken, it is not cheap to reassign a car key.

    What to do if battery for key fob is dead


    The battery for key fob is an electronic structure transmitter, which is most afraid of getting wet and corroded by water. The key enters the water, and if the water penetrates the inside of the battery and burns the circuit, it will also cause the remote control to fail.

    Therefore, once you encounter the remote control key in the water, do not hold the key and shake it hard. Do not press the button above, as it is easier for water to seep into other important lines. Also, do not use the remote control to unlock the lock immediately, as this may cause the board to burn out. The right thing to do is to open the car key case and lay it flat and dry it with a hair dryer before checking it.

    5. What are the models of battery for key fob

    The most commonly used car key batteries are the following three types of models:

    ● Button battery CR2016

    At present, the use of car key remote control is very high, and it is almost one of the most common car remote control batteries. The battery voltage of this battery is 3V, and the general car key battery is 9V power supply, so every time the battery is replaced, the three batteries must be replaced.

    ● Button battery CR2025 

    Its usage rate is much lower than CR2016. However, individual car keys will still be used. The thickness is relatively thicker than in 2016, but the storage capacity is relatively high.

    ● Button battery CR2032

    The voltage is also 3V, but the battery capacity is about 200mAh, so the thickness is twice that of CR2016. 3V CR2032 lithium manganese battery belongs to lithium-manganese dioxide structure. The cathode material is manganese dioxide with very stable chemical properties, the anode material is lithium metal, and the electrolyte is lithium battery.

    What are the models of battery for key fob


    The main components of the electrolyte are ethylene glycol dimethyl ether, propylene carbonate and lithium perchlorate, shaped like a button, referred to as lithium button battery or lithium manganese button battery.

    6. How to replace a dead batteries

    It's very simple. You press the car key. The key will flash a red dot. This is the key. It has electricity. Without electricity, there is no red dot. There is a difference between other cars, probably this principle. If the car key is dead, it is not recommended that you change it at the store where you bought the car. Because the price is high, here are a few simple and effective steps to change the battery yourself.

    • Find the instruction manual for the car. If not, search online to find ways to unlock your car keys.
    • Follow the steps to remove the lock and remove the battery.
    • Confirm the battery model and purchase the matching type.

    7. Conclusion

    So, with the same key, your different usage, the battery life of the key fob is different. If you use it every day, the battery will last a long time. If you don't use it, the battery for key fob will die quickly due to improper storage. This situation is actually a battery suspension animation, which occurs on many batteries.


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