The complete 12 volt lawn mower battery guide


The lawn mower is an important and widely used equipment for many renters and homeowners due to its small and easy-to-maneuver in medium or small gardens. Among all kinds of lawn mowers, battery-powered mower is the most popular, and they are commonly equipped with the 12 volt lawn mower batteries. These batteries are much smaller than car batteries. So let’ check the complete guide below and learn how a 12 volt lawn mower battery can help for us.

1. Advantages of a 12 volt lawn mower battery

There are many advantages to using a 12 volt lawn mower battery:

  • Equipped with 12 volt lawn mower batteries, electric lawn mowers do not use gasoline or cause air pollution, so they are very environmentally friendly.
  • Electric lawn mowers make no noise, so they are quiet.
  • The battery can transfer power smoothly and steadily during working, so it is more efficiently.
  • The cost of using electronic battery is cheaper in a long term, comparing with others.

The battery mowers are more mobile and flexible. You can charge it whenever at home.

Lawn mower batteries do not use gas or cause air pollution

2. How long does a 12 volt lawn mower battery last

The lawn mower battery can last for years, usually 3-5 years if it is properly maintained during the off-season or daily. If you want your mower battery to last long, take care of the charge methods and store it carefully.

Several factors affect the battery storage, like temperature, humidity, direct sunlight and rain. High temperature and humidity may damage the battery performance or corrode the battery surface. The battery should not be stored or displayed in direct sunlight or places where it will be exposed to rain. If the battery is drenched, the insulation resistance will decrease, and batteryself discharge and rust may occur.

3. How to choose the best 12 volt lawn mower battery

Mainly, lawnmowers use lithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries.

  • Lead Acid Batteries

In the past, The most commonly used lawn mower battery is a 12 volt lead acid. Lead acid batteryis relatively cheap but need maintenance.

  • Lithium Ion Batteries

Compared to lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries are more efficient and require low maintenance. They can store more energy than other batteries of the same specifications

Lithium-ion batteries are more costly compared to lead acid batteries. It has a longer lifespan, and requires less or even no maintenance. If you use it frequently, lithium ion batteries are your best choice. So the lithium battery is the best fit for the lawn mower.

These are the most common products of 12v lithium batteries.

12v 6ah
12v 12ah
12v 100ah
12v 200ah
Product image
 12 volt 6ah lithium battery
 12v 12ah battery
 12v 100ah lithium ion battery
 12 volt 200ah battery
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 Charge Current
 Discharge Current





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Lithium-ion batteries vs lead acid batteries

4. Pick the right lawn mower battery

According to the BCI Battery Council Intentional, most lawn mower batteries lie in the 12V Group U1. There are different types of lawn mower batteries and lithium-ion batteries are now common.

Several factors should be considered to assess the reliability of the lawn mower battery: types of batteries, quality, and physical parameters of the batteries like size, and voltage.

Types: Various battery types possess different capacities. For instance, lithium batteries tend to offer better charge efficiency compared to lead-acid batteries in terms of usable capacity.

Quality: The battery quality also affects the battery life. If the battery is used in high-quality battery material, it can be used longer.

Voltages: The mainstream lawn mowers are equipped with 6v, 12v and 48v batteries. Comparing with the same battery type, the higher voltage one will run faster and stronger, but it all depends on your need.

Size: Every lawn mower brand has its battery size chart and the battery should be selected according to your lawn mower.

 The battery material

5. Difference between 12v and 40v lawn mower batteries

What is the difference between 12V and 40V lawn mower batteries? We will investigate the difference between the 12V and 40V lawn mower batteries.

① 12V Lawn Mower Battery

  • This battery operates on 12 volts.
  • The 12V battery contains fewer cells, like this battery has 4cells, each 2 volts.
  • Less power and lower run time.
  • These are relatively small and light in weight.
  • 12 V batteries are cost-effective.

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② 40V Lawn Mower Battery

  • This battery operates on 40 volts.
  • The 40V battery contains more cells, like this battery has 13cells, each 2 volts.
  • More power and longer run time.
  • These are large and heavier as compared to a 12 V lawn mower battery.
  • 40 V batteries are expensive.

6. Can you charge a 12 volt lawn mower battery with a 6 volt charger

If you charge the 12 volt lawn mower battery with a 6 volt charger, it will not explode but will not charge completely. Because the battery needs 12 volts to set completely and the provided 6 volts is insufficient as per battery needs. So you have better connect it with a 12 volt charger.

Some factors should be considered when charging 12 volt lawn mower batteries. If you're charging the 12 v battery, make sure you're selecting the right charger that perfectly matches needs.

Here are some tips that someone must follow while charging the battery.

  • Use a 12 volt charger to charge the 12 v mower battery. As the charger voltages must be matched to the required voltages.
  • Read the lawn mower manuals before use about its battery specification. In case there are extra requirements for use.
  • Plug the charger into the electric outlet and wait for the battery to fully charge.

7. How can I make my lawn mower battery last longer

Here are some tips that are useful and help the battery to work longer;

  • Always buy good quality mower batteries.
  • It's crucial to use a charger designed as per your battery needs.
  • Keep the battery terminals clean.
  • Avoid charging the battery overnight for a long time.
  • Generally speaking, around 25°C is the most suitable charging temperature for lithium batteries.And high temperature will increase the instability of lithium batteries

8. Is higher voltage better for battery lawnmowers

The higher the voltage, the more the motor will run and cut the grass quickly. But if the voltage exceeds from certain limit, this can damage the battery. Also, high voltages reduce the lifespan of the battery.

So try to stay within each battery voltage requirements and choose the wire according to the voltage to avoid any problems.

Reduce the lifespan of the battery

9. Conclusion

12 volt lawn mower batteries are perfect for the maintenance of the small garden. These are so easy to use and cost-effectively. The 12 v battery mowers are ideal as they do not require high voltage to charge.

Also, these are cost-effective and easy to operate. If the mower contains lithium-ion batteries, the life span of the mower is longer compared to the mowers that include other batteries. The 12 volt lawn mower battery is the perfect option for renters and homeowners.


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