Find out in a minute how to make a 12V 36Ah lithium battery for children's toy car

In our today's episode, we're going to show our entire process of producing batteries. In order to better help you understand, we have specially equipped a detailed text introduction in the following article.
We will introduce the manufacturing process of 12V 36Ah lithium battery in detail. If you are interested, please stay tuned.
Several steps to assemble the battery:

  • 1. Weld the nickel sheet
  • 2. Welding of BMS
  • 3. Pass the BMS connection test
  • 4. Battery packing and drying
  • 5. Super cycle times
  • 1. Weld the nickel sheet:

    Firslyt, the nickel piece is used to connect the battery cell in series and parallel through welding, and then the data acquisition wire is used to weld the positive and negative electrodes of the battery pack.

    2. Welding of BMS:

    Secondly,Fix a BMS that monitors the battery running status in real time and protects the battery string from overcharging, discharging, overcurrent, and overtemperature on the battery pack,Then weld the positive and negative battery string wires to the BMS.

    3. Pass the BMS connection test:

    Connect the data acquisition line port to the BMS to test the battery voltage and resistance, and seal the exposed wiring with insulation and waterproof adhesive after the test.

    4. Battery packing and drying:

    Finally, the battery pack is fixed with waterproof glue in the battery box.After three hours of drying, a battery

    5. Super cycle times:

    that can be recycled more than 2,000 times is assembled.

    Below are the details of our 12.8V36AH Li-ion battery:

    Eco-Friendly: Green energy with no toxic chemical material
    Super Long Life: 2000-5000 cycles, 10-year service life
    Rated capacity size:460.8Wh
    Battery length and width:198*166*170mm
    Battery weight: Approx. 4.4Kg
    High Safety and Stability: Grade A cells with built-in BMS(Battery Manage System) protection from over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, over-heating, short circuit. Low self-discharge rate 3%
    Wide Working Temperature: Charging Temperature 0℃-55℃; Discharging Temperature -20℃-60℃
    Lightweight, Easy to Install and Fast Charging: Great replacement of SLA/VRLA(lead acid batteries), with 2X Load Power,8X Cycle Life,1/3 Weight,1/5 Charging Time

    Application scenarios


    Children's toy cars are becoming more and more popular children's toy products. As a toy car battery, the large discharge current of the lithium battery can give full play to its effect. The lead-acid batteries used in the past will be replaced by 12V 36ah lithium ion batteries because of their heavy weight and short battery life. The lithium battery is not only light in weight, long battery life, and more importantly, the charging time is greatly shortened. After a short rest, the child can again drive his beloved toy car to play.

    Outdoor camping is one of the most favorite projects of contemporary people. Not only can we see different scenery in the wild, but we can also spend a wonderful weekend with our family. Everyone is familiar with camping in the wild. The power supply is the most important part. Because not all places can be connected to the grid. More often, lithium batteries are needed to provide electricity for life. Cooking, watching movies, and listening to music all require continuous power supply. Just like this, the lithium battery can play its advantages.

    Our company Tycorun ( has a professional and experienced team of technical experts and top-notch product designers. We have been winning great achievements on energy development. Products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Africa.
    Our Tycorun Lithium Batteries series is a series that specifically replaces the old lead-acid batteries. Based on the lithium battery with the high characteristics of energy density, 1/3 light weight, environmental protection, green energy and others. It maximizes its advantages and achieves the global "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" goal. Our LiFePO4 battery will contribute more to this goal.

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