China best top 5 photovoltaic carport companies



The photovoltaic carport combines photovoltaic modules with the carport roof. It can not only meet the demand for parking, but also supply power to the grid, increase revenue, and photovoltaic power generation is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. At present, China has begun to vigorously promote solar photovoltaic carports with solar battery to meet the current demand for parking.


If the roof and land in the home are limited, building a green and energy-saving photovoltaic carport is an effective solution. This article will introduce China best top 5 photovoltaic carport companies. Here are many advantages of photovoltaic carports. The photovoltaic carport has almost no geographical restrictions, is easy to install, and is very flexible and convenient to use.

It can be used for energy storage projects and charging piles. Low cost, make full use of the original site, no need to occupy additional land resources. Because of the many advantages of installing photovoltaic carports, the top 5 photovoltaic carport companies have built photovoltaic carports with brand characteristics. Let's move on to see the benefits.

1. China best top 5 photovoltaic carport companies list




Zhengtai Anneng









① Zhengtai Anneng

Zhengtai Anneng logo

Established date

Augyst 4, 2015

Company location

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

2.43843943 billion RMB

Company website

Chintai can focus on providing users with system survey, design, installation and operation and maintenance services. With the advantages of the smart energy industry chain and brand, channel and operation and maintenance service capabilities, we are committed to becoming a smart energy solution provider.

Zhengtai Anneng environment


Installation, maintenance and testing of power transmission, power supply and reception facilities. Actively explore the sinking market, focusing on providing complete solutions for rooftop photovoltaic systems and home energy storage for the majority of home users.

Zhengtai Anneng building


According to reports, the biggest advantage is its easy installation. About a day or two can be assembled. The carport adopts double glass photovoltaic modules, and the whole adopts aluminum alloy structure. The W-shaped waterproof bracket is used to prevent water seepage on rainy days, and all wiring is designed in the groove, which is very bright and neat from the outside.

② Goodwe

Goodwe logo

Established date

November 5, 2010

Company location

Jiangsu, China

Registered capital

123.2 million RMB

Company website

Goodwe is a provider of solar photovoltaic inverters and related products. It is a technology company with the conversion of new energy supply equipment and energy storage conversion. At present, the company's business mainly covers residential, industrial and commercial photovoltaic storage, and also involves ground power stations and photovoltaic building solutions.

Goodwe building


Products include grid-connected inverters, energy storage products, SEMS systems and support products, which can be used in household, commercial, ground and energy storage.

Goodwe environment


The photovoltaic carport at the Goodwe plant has a completely waterproof structure. It is made of steel structure with waterproof brackets to ensure that the carport will not leak on rainy days. The waterproof aluminum alloy bracket is very neat, which is to use this structure to achieve its waterproof function. There is a row of charging sockets on the side, and after the photovoltaic carport generates electricity, the electric car can be charged directly.

③ Ginlong

Ginlong logo

Established date

September 9, 2005

Company location

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

396.688445 million RMB

Company website

Based on the new energy industry and top 5 photovoltaic carport companies, the company is committed to being the most professional manufacturer of energy storage and photovoltaic inverters.



Specializing in research and development, production, sales and service of string inverters, the core equipment of photovoltaic power generation systems. Solar PV projects are paired with lithium battery businesses and charging piles.

Ginlong building


The steel structure of the photovoltaic carport adopts a single steel column support structure, which is very simple, parking is very convenient, and it can also block rain. Using patented roof technology, longitudinal and transverse guide sinks crisscross the structure, which can be customized according to different needs. In addition, the carport is also made impermeable and waterproof, which can shield the motor vehicle from wind and rain in bad weather.

④ Sungrow

Sungrow logo

Established date

July 11, 2007

Company location

Anhui, China

Registered capital

1.485190984 billion RMB

Company website

In the electrochemical energy storage industry, Sungrow is also in a key position. The middle stream of the industrial chain is the manufacture of energy storage systems, and the highest value is the core component energy storage battery, accounting for 60%. It can be seen that it has a decisive market share in the two major fields of photovoltaic storage, which has achieved its leading position in the field of new energy.

Sungrow building


It produces photovoltaic inverters, and develops energy storage businesses and new energy vehicle type businesses, etc. Green energy development and research.

Sungrow environment


Reduce wind load, facilitate wind leakage, rain and snow. The structure is high enough to park buses, and the carport is divided into two sides, one side is north-south, and two rows of parking spaces can be parked. On the other side is single row parking. The photovoltaic carport uses single glass frameless photovoltaic modules.

⑤ Longi

Longi logo

Established date

Feburary 14, 2000

Company location

Shannxi, China

Registered capital

7.581510506 billion RMB

Company website

The company is committed to providing more reliable and efficient products to the world. The technological leadership of photovoltaic monocrystalline products in the industry promotes the development of "thinning" monocrystalline silicon wafers and promotes the market share of N-type high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon products.

Longi building


Semiconductor materials, solar cells and modules. Development and general contracting of photovoltaic power plant projects.

Longi environment


Modular assembly method, the overall structure adopts the main beam of steel structure. Above is the secondary beam of aluminum alloy, and LED light strips are also installed. The entire photovoltaic carport adopts LONGi's special photovoltaic modules, the middle is waterproof, and the carport is also equipped with special charging piles for electric vehicles.

2. Conclusion

The photovoltaic carport is a successful practice of China's top 5 photovoltaic carport companies in the exploration of photovoltaic and building integration. And it is very practical, can shade, can block rain, economic and environmental protection, can have the advantage of promotion and use. And this is the article about  top 5 photovoltaic carport companies in China.


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