Best top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies in China



Here are the best top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies in China: Cybrid, First, TAIFLEX, Lucky Group and Jolywood. The backsheet of the photovoltaic module is laminated. It allows light to pass through and convert it into solar power. The photovoltaic backsheet is mainly composed of fluorocarbon film, polyester film and adhesive in between.


Like lithium battery separators, they are high-tech and value-added products in the plastic film industry. For the top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies, it has high technical and financial requirements.

There are currently two main technologies for photovoltaic backsheets:

  • Composite backsheet: Adhesive glue the photovoltaic PET base film and fluorine film together.
  • Coated backsheet: Fluorine coating is applied to a photovoltaic PET base film.

This article introduces Best China's top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies. The mainstream production process is still composite photovoltaic backsheets. Despite the price advantage, the technical reliability of coated backsheets needs to be verified, and the low life of the backing film also limits its large-scale application.

The manufacture of such products requires not only advanced and reliable production equipment, but more importantly, the formulation of raw materials and additives and the scientific adjustment of process parameters to produce qualified products.

1. Best list of top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies in China










Lucky Group



① Cybrid

Cybrid logo

Established date

November 4, 2008

Company location

Jiangsu, China

Registered capital

4040.74 million RMB

Company website

Cybrid was born in a polymer materials laboratory and has become a leading comprehensive polymer functional materials research and development and manufacturing company. The company holds a number of invention patents.

Cybrid building


Integrated PV module solutions all-weather backsheets, invisible positioning tapes, perforated tapes, insulating strips. R&D and production of polymer application materials in photovoltaic, electrical insulation, electronic information, automotive and other fields.

Cybrid product


Since the mass production of backplanes at the end of 2009, cumulative backplane shipments have exceeded 20 million square meters. It has withstood the test of batch quality stability for more than 2 consecutive years. Whether it is the new product development capability of the backplane, product quality, or sales volume and capacity, Cybrid ranks among the best top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies in the world.

② First

First logo

Established date

May 12, 2003

Company location

Zhejiang, China

Registered capital

1.331545247 billion RMB

Company website

First, it is a key high-tech company focusing on research and development, production and sales of new materials.

First building


Engaged in photovoltaic, electronic circuits, lithium batteries and other new materials businesses. EVA film for solar cell packaging, POE film, backsheet for photovoltaic modules, coated photovoltaic backsheet, composite photovoltaic backsheet.

First product


In 2003, with its rich experience in hot melt adhesive and film processing, First successfully developed high-quality EVA solar cell adhesive film. With its outstanding product quality, fast delivery ability and perfect after-sales service system, it has quickly become the world's leading manufacturer of photovoltaic module packaging materials.



Established date

August 16, 1997

Company location

Taiwan, China

Company website

TAIFLEX has two core technologies, independent basic formulation and precision coating, and is now one of the world's top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies. It is composed of the original R&D team and semiconductor professionals, committed to the development of semiconductor packaging materials and display packaging materials.

TAIFLEX building


Polymer film copper foil laminate, protective film, backsheet for solar modules.

TAIFLEX product


In addition to the development of renewable energy, TAIFLEX effectively improves energy efficiency and energy-saving technologies through systematic energy inventory and energy consumption analysis.

④ Lucky Group

Lucky Group logo

Established date

January 16, 1998

Company location

Hebei, China

Registered capital

553307.099 million RMB

Company website

Lucky Group exclusively initiated and reorganized its subordinate production and operation assets related to the production, scientific research and sales of color photosensitive materials. At present, Lucky Group's leading products are at the leading level in China.

Lucky Group building


Main products: photosensitive materials, information imaging materials processing chemicals and related chemicals, color expansion equipment, solar backsheets

Lucky Group product


Optical PET film (polyester film) and TAC film (cellulose triacetate film) have successfully built Lucky Group's development foundation in the field of photoelectric display, filling the gap in the field of key raw materials in China's flat panel display upstream industry. The products have been successfully used by well-known brands of liquid crystal display products.

⑤ Jolywood

Jolywood logo

Established date

March 7, 2008

Company location

Jiangsu, China

Registered capital

1.089627358 billion RMB

Company website

Jolywood is a national high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of solar battery back film. The company's products have reached the leading and advanced level in adhesion, weather resistance, barrier and electrical insulation, and have passed international certification.

Jolywood building


Main products: FFC double-sided coating series, TRANSPARENT series, KFB, TFB, KPK and TPT double-sided fluorocarbon series.

Jolywood environment


And solar photovoltaic product quality supervision and other institutional testing, is currently the only company in China that has passed the German TUV solar cell back film certification.

2. Conclusion

The above is the introduction of the best top 5 photovoltaic backsheet companies in China. PV backsheets protect PV cells and electronics from UV radiation, adverse weather conditions, and excess moisture. It has many benefits, and when combined with energy storage, it can also play a greater role.


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