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To produce high-quality lithium batteries, in addition to soft power such as technology and manpower, the hardware must also keep up. Good production equipment is an important part of producing high-quality batteries. As China attaches great importance to the new energy market, coupled with the continuous landing of practical applications, the development of the new energy industry is booming.

At present, the entire industrial chain of new energy is relatively complete in China. As a lithium battery production equipment, it has also been vigorously developed as a link in this new energy industry chain. A large number of high-quality production equipment manufacturers have been produced. Let's briefly understand the top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China.

Top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China

① Lead Intelligence


Company profile:

Lead Intelligence was founded in 2002. As an international leading lithium battery intelligent equipment service provider, Pilot has established strategic partnerships with Panasonic, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, CATL, BYD and other lithium battery companies in the world. And introduce a first-class doctoral research and development team to provide customers with intelligent solutions for the whole line.

Today, Lead Intelligence can provide lithium battery complete line equipment from slurry, mixing, coating, rolling, slitting, winding/stacking, assembly, formation, volumetric testing and logistics systems. It is also equipped with the MES production execution system independently developed by Pioneer to create an intelligent factory for lithium battery companies. Lead Intelligence is one of the leading battery production equipment suppliers in China, with a market value of hundreds of billions.

Total market value: 71.886 billion RMB

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② KanHoo


Company profile:

Founded in 1994, KanHoo is a national high-tech companies specializing in the R&D, production and manufacturing of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, smart equipment and rare earth functional materials. And KanHoo is one of the top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China, its products are widely used in new energy vehicles, portable communications, electronic products, lighting and catalysts and other industries. Its wholly-owned subsidiary specializes in the R&D, production and sales of automation equipment for the front-end process of lithium-ion battery production. It is the first developer of extrusion coating machines in China.

The main products include three categories: coating equipment, film rolling equipment and slitting equipment. Among them, the market share of extrusion coating machines is about 30%, the market share of high-speed double-layer extrusion coating machines is about 70%, the market share of roller presses and slitting machines is about 30%, and it has maintained long-term cooperation with well-known brands .

Total market value: 2.463 billion RMB

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Company profile:

Founded in 2006, YINGHE TECHNOLOGY is committed to the R&D, production and sales of new energy intelligent equipment. YINGHE TECHNOLOGY has been deeply involved in the lithium battery intelligent equipment industry for 16 years, and has developed into one of the leading battery production equipment suppliers in China in the industry. It is currently one of the few companies in the world that can provide intelligent digital factory solutions for power batteries. The headquarters of YINGHE TECHNOLOGY is located in Shenzhen.

YINGHE TECHNOLOGY has strong technical capabilities, manufacturing capabilities and service capabilities. Its products cover the entire process of power battery production. At the same time, it develops personalized customized products for customers supporting new processes. In 2015, it took the lead in proposing the "power battery complete line solution" in the industry and delivered more than 40 complete lines. Major customers include power battery companies in the world such as CATL, BYD, EVE, Sunwoda, and LG Energy.

Total market value: 12.205 billion RMB

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④ Hangke Tech

Hangke Tech

Company profile:

Hangke Tech was founded in 1984. Hangke Tech is committed to all kinds of rechargeable batteries. The company focuses on the back-end equipment of lithium battery equipment and is one of the top 10 battery production equipment suppliers. The main products are charging and discharging equipment, internal resistance tester and other equipment, and can provide the overall solution for the post-processing system of the lithium battery production line.

Major customers include Samsung, LG, South Korea SK, Sony, CATL, BYD, EVE, Tianjin Lishen and other world-renowned lithium-ion battery manufacturers to supply various lithium-ion battery production line post-processing system equipment. Hangke Tech is currently one of the very few post-processing equipment manufacturers in China that can export complete sets of equipment and cooperate closely with major lithium-ion battery manufacturers such as Japan and South Korea.

Total market value: 20.219 billion RMB

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⑤ Lyric


Company profile:

Lyric was established in November 2014. Lyric is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of intelligent manufacturing equipment. Products include lithium battery manufacturing equipment, auto parts manufacturing equipment and other industry manufacturing equipment. Focusing on lithium battery manufacturing equipment, it has basically covered the whole process of lithium battery production process equipment such as battery cell manufacturing, battery assembly, battery testing, battery assembly, logistics and warehousing, and is one of the top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China.

Lyric has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with CATL, BYD, Gotion Higth-Tech, Sunwoda and other well-known manufacturers. At the same time, Lyric Robot is actively deploying overseas business, and has obtained orders for lithium battery equipment from first-line customers including North America, Germany and South Korea, and will further develop smart storage, photovoltaic and hydrogen energy industries.

Total market value: 16.037 billion RMB

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⑥ SK Automation Technology

SK Automation Technology

Company profile:

SK Automation Technology was established in March 2007. SK Automation Technology's main business is the R&D, production and sales of various intelligent manufacturing equipment. Among them, new energy battery equipment accounts for the largest proportion. The core products are power battery modules and Pack production lines, which belong to the back-end process of lithium battery equipment.

The market share in the module/PACK equipment segment is about 20%. SK Automation Technology is one of the top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China. It is a supplier of power battery module production lines for CATL and Farasis, and one of the few that directly provides power battery packs (PACK) for major local car brands in Europe.

Total market value: 4.791 billion RMB

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⑦ Han’s Laser

Han’s Laser

Company profile:

Han's Laser was established in November 1996. As one of the top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China, the main business of Han’s Laser is the R&D, production and sales of industrial laser processing equipment, automation and other supporting equipment and key components. It is a platform-based laser processing equipment manufacturer with the largest variety and largest performance in China. In the field of power batteries, Han’s Laser’s main products include batteries, modules, laser welding equipment for PACK, laser tab cutting equipment, battery baking equipment and related automation equipment.

In the process segment, it already has the ability to deliver the whole line. Han's Laser and CATL, CALB, EVE, SVOLT and other mainstream customers in the industry to maintain good cooperative relations. At present, the company's market share and technical level in the battery cell, module and PACK segment equipment are at the forefront of the industry, and the market share of the whole line equipment products such as laser tab cutting equipment and battery cell baking equipment continues to increase.

Total market value: 29.964 billion RMB

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⑧ Colibri


Company profile:

Colibri was established in 2001. Colibri's main products include automated testing equipment, automated assembly equipment, automation equipment accessories, and precision parts, which are used in mobile terminals, new energy, automobiles, hard disks, and medical and health industries.

In the field of new energy business, Colibri is in battery production equipment suppliers in China positioned as a solution provider in the middle and back end of the new energy lithium battery manufacturing equipment industry, and is a leading supplier of bare cell production and cell assembly equipment. The main products include production equipment such as lamination, glue winding, vacuum packaging, pressure forming, size inspection, blue film coating, chemical composition and so on.

Total market value: 6.634 billion RMB

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Company profile:

FOET was created in 1997. With the help of high-quality state-owned resources and good development opportunities, FOET actively carries out industrial extension and expansion, realizes the interoperability of state-owned assets platforms with industry and finance, and effectively improves its competitive advantages and comprehensive development strength. FOET is one of the top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China, mainly producing middle and back-end equipment for lithium battery production. The products are mainly suitable for the production of digital lithium batteries and power lithium batteries.

The main products include stamping and stacking machines, welding machines, packaging machines, vacuum tunnel furnaces, liquid injection machines and logistics lines suitable for the middle stage of lithium battery production. The product is suitable for the degassing and final sealing machine in the later stage of lithium battery manufacturing, as well as mold fixtures and accessories matching lithium battery production automation equipment, and can provide integrated combined equipment suitable for the middle stage of lithium battery production. Among them, the liquid injection machine, as a stand-alone fist product of Chaoye Precision, has a market share of about 30%.

Total market value: 3.211 billion

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Company profile:

KOTA was established in April 2012. KOTA in top 10 battery production equipment suppliers in China focuses on providing one-stop planning and design solutions, electromechanical intelligent equipment, software and hardware systems and automation equipment customization services for lithium battery copper foil companies.

The annual production capacity of core products such as electrolytic copper foil cathode rolls, foil raw machines, anode plates, high-efficiency copper melting tanks, and surface treatment machines exceeds 1,000 sets. KOTA currently produces cathode rolls with a diameter of 1.5m-2.7m, and has successfully developed a super-large electrolytic copper foil cathode roll with a diameter of 3m and a width of 1.82m, a foil machine and supporting equipment.

Registered capital: 100 million RMB

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