wind power development



1. The necessity of wind power development

China has abundant wind power resources, which has created very favorable conditions for the wind power development. At present, electric power generation and thermal power generation are still the main power sources in China, mainly coal-fired power generation, which is emitting a large amount of polluting gases such as CO2 and SO2, forming a large amount of PM2.5, which is extremely unfavorable to China's environmental protection. The development of wind power is conducive to the adjustment of China's power supply structure and the reduction of polluting gas emissions. Wind power development can alleviate the trend of global warming. At the same time, wind power development is conducive to reducing the pressure on energy imports. wind power development can improve the diversity of China's energy supply. and security will make a positive contribution.

offshore wind turbine structures large

2. National policy support for wind power development

Wind power development in China

Due to the high construction cost of wind farms and the instability of wind energy, wind power prices are high and cannot compete with conventional thermal power. In this case, in order to support the wind power development, the state has given various policy support. For example, in 1994, the former Ministry of Electric Power Industry decided to use wind power as a new clean energy for the power industry (other new energy sources: lithium-ion batteries), and formulated regulations on the development and integration of wind power into the grid. The regulations point out that wind farms can be connected to the Internet nearby, and the power sector should purchase all their electricity. At the same time, it is pointed out that the electricity price can be determined according to the principle of "power generation cost plus principal and interest repayment plus reasonable profit", and the part higher than the average electricity price of the power grid shall be shared within the network. pin. In order to do a good job in the standardized management of wind power development projects, the state has successively issued some industry standards, such as the preparation rules for the feasibility study report of wind power development projects and the operation rules for wind power development. With the above-mentioned policy support for wind power development, wind power development has entered the stage of industrialization since then. At the same time, in order to support and encourage wind power development industry, the former State Planning Commission and the State Economic and Trade Commission once provided subsidies or discounted loans to owners of demonstration wind farms using domestically produced units.

3. Outlook for wind power development

Off shore wind power development in China

According to incomplete statistics, the installed capacity of wind power development projects in my country at the beginning of 2003 was about 600,000 kilowatts, of which about 100,000 kilowatts were under construction, 220,000 kilowatts were approved for feasibility studies, and 220,000 kilowatts were approved for wind power development project proposals. There are 320,000 kilowatts, including two concession projects. If these wind power development projects can be completed as scheduled, the total installed capacity by the end of 2005 can exceed 1 million kilowatts.

During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period (2006-2010), the installed capacity of new wind power in the country reached 2.8 million kilowatts, so the total installed capacity of wind power reached about 4 million kilowatts.

In 2012, China (excluding Taiwan) newly installed 7,872 wind turbines, with an installed capacity of 12,960MW, a year-on-year decrease of 26.5%; a total of 53,764 wind turbines were installed, with an installed capacity of 75,324.2MW, a year-on-year increase of 20.8%.

Wind power development is a comprehensive subject technology integrating computer technology, aerodynamics, structural mechanics and material science. China has abundant wind energy resources, so the wind power development in China has broad prospects for wind power development, and the utilization of wind energy will definitely make a huge contribution to China's environmental protection, the adjustment of energy structure, and the reduction of dependence on imported energy. , Wind power development, looking forward to the future, with the continuous reduction of wind turbine manufacturing costs, the gradual reduction of fossil fuels and the increase in mining costs, wind power development is imperative.

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