What is a shaped battery and is it feasible in daily life



1. Introduction of shaped battery

First of all, let's take a look at what a shaped battery is. Shaped battery is with the continuous improvement of people's production and life requirements, our ever-changing electronic products, electric products and wireless mobile products often encounter the situation that traditional cylindrical or prismatic batteries cannot be arranged, so the battery has to become deformable in order to be applicable.


● Apple's shaped battery

It can be said that shaped battery are the product of people's large-scale customization needs. We refer to batteries with different shapes from traditional cylindrical and prismatic batteries as shaped batteries, and some people classify batteries with different performance from ordinary batteries as shaped batteries, such as ultra-thin batteries, flexible batteries, high-temperature batteries, low-temperature batteries, etc.

The shaped battery has the characteristics of flexible shape, adjustable shape, small radian, light and thin, large capacity, thickness up to 0.45mm, and the most critical battery capacity. According to the size of the battery, it can be controlled between 22mah and 3450mAh, and can also be evaluated and customized according to the needs of the customer.

2. Classification of shaped battery

● According to the category of cells

It can be divided into shaped lithium battery (lifepo4 battery), shaped nickel metal hydride battery, shaped sodium-ion battery, etc. Single cell shape category It can be divided into cylindrical shaped batteries, prismatic shaped batteries, pouch shaped batteries, etc.;

● According to the cell manufacturing process

It can be divided into winding shaped battery and laminated shaped battery; According to the PACK state of the battery, it is divided into single shaped battery and composite shaped battery.

Classification of shaped battery


Because shaped battery are the product of large-scale differentiation of user needs, and people's needs are constantly changing with the development of technology, it is conceivable that shaped battery will explode in the near future, so some forward-looking top 10 lithium battery companies in the world began the research and development and layout of shaped battery manufacturing technology early.

3. What problems can shaped battery solve

● Limitations on battery shape

At this stage, each intelligent equipment manufacturer will design the product into different shapes according to its outstanding characteristics, and there are corresponding requirements for the shape of the battery at this time. The concentrated energy battery can handle the corresponding problem in different shapes.

● The problem of thickness

The trend of miniaturization of electronic smart products will inevitably compress the thickness of the battery. Of course, the thinner the better. The thinnest battery is 0.4 mm.

● Space issues

One of the biggest features of this form factor battery is its ability to maximize the space problem of smart electronics. Due to the miniaturization and lightweight characteristics of these products, the space can be compressed, of course, the smaller the better. Shaped battery can solve this problem very well.

What problems can shaped battery solve


● Application in life

Generally speaking, the larger the battery, the greater the capacity and the longer the battery life. But the presence of a profiled battery is so small that the battery life problem becomes one of the biggest problems. The emergence of shaped battery solves the problem of battery life.

4. Are shaped battery better than ordinary battery

Shaped battery is a kind of balance and defense from fixed shape of the battery, is a special shape of the battery, this battery must be designed and developed by manufacturers of lithium battery cells in order to come out, the emergence of this battery is because of the design of smart products is precise.

In order to save more space or maximize the utilization rate of the battery through battery alienation, thereby increasing the capacity of the battery, so the shaped battery is the product of people's large-scale customization needs.

5. Application areas of shaped battery

Shaped battery is composed of packaging film, cathode, anode, SEI film, tabs and electrolyte, which is characterized by the shape of the battery pole group can be regular or irregular geometry, the cathode and anode tabs of the battery group can be set on the same side or different sides of the battery pole group.

● Shaped lithium battery have extremely high mechanical stability, durability and safety.

The battery has been repeatedly tested and bent at different angles without compromising its voltage efficiency. It also proves that the battery can provide stable power for electronic components without the risk of fire or bursting.

Application areas of shaped battery


● High energy density and excellent softness compared to traditional lithium batteries.

According to the size of the battery, it can be controlled between 22mah ~ 3450mAh, and can also be evaluated and customized according to the needs of customers. The battery discharge platform is high, the capacity density and energy density are high, the heat generation is less, the cycling is better, the performance quality is higher and the safety reliability is used.

As a small portable energy storage product, the customization of shaped battery can also maximize battery capacity. PCM can be designed to meet customer needs and coated to provide a stable, durable and safe original supply for wearable electronic products. It can also be used in medical and health monitoring equipment, digital products and military fields and other fields and fields.

6. The future of shaped battery

The process of shaped battery is still in its infancy, and many companies take it as their own secrets and do not disclose it to the public, which makes the shaped battery have higher competitive barriers, higher profit margins, and the first entry head companies have higher competitive advantages.

The future of shaped battery


However, due to the relatively closed nature of technology, it also leads to difficulties in technical exchange, poor technological progress, and the disadvantages of building cars behind closed doors.

Recently, the surge in lithium battery materials, coupled with power cuts in some parts of China, has led to complaints from lithium battery companies, and the pressure of competition has increased exponentially. How to break through, some far-sighted battery companies began to layout and make efforts on shaped battery, higher profit margins and lower material ratios, so that shaped battery take the lead.

7. Conclusion

Electronic products are developing rapidly, and the more popular wearable electronic products on the market, such as bracelets, etc., need to use battery. Most of them are made through customized batteries to achieve the requirements of lightness. Shaped battery play an important role, which can meet the power demand under many conditions.


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