Layout and expansion of 46 series cylindrical large cells


According to reports, the 4680 battery launched by Tesla has a significant improvement in energy density and output power compared with the previous battery, which has attracted the attention of many battery store.

Among them, battery suppliers such as Panasonic and LG New Energy are conducting research and development and are preparing for production. Samsung SDI, a battery supplier under Samsung, is also developing 4680 batteries, but unlike other battery suppliers, Samsung SDI is also adding two new specifications of cylindrical batteries, 4695 and 46210, to the battery development project.

1.4680 vs 4695 vs 46120

Like the 4680 battery, the 4695 and 46120 batteries are both 46mm in diameter, but differ in height, 95mm and 120mm respectively. That is, one is 20mm lower than the 4680 battery, and the other is 40mm higher than the 4680 battery. It is understood that the three batteries are the same in diameter, 46 mm, but differ greatly in height. The height of the 4695 battery is 95 mm, and the height of the 46120 battery is 120 mm. Although Samsung SDI has not yet announced the energy density of these two batteries, in general, the larger the volume, the greater the energy density. Compared with the 4680 battery, the energy density and output power of these two batteries will also be improved.

At present, the main reason why mainstream battery suppliers develop 4680 batteries is that 4680 batteries have great advantages in power batteries at this stage. On the one hand, the 4680 battery adopts all-pole technology, which cancels the metal tabs on the positive and negative electrodes, and directly cuts the tabs on the positive and negative materials of the battery. The advantage of this is that it not only greatly reduces the impedance of the battery, making the heat generation lower and safer, but also performs better in the fast charging capability, which can achieve a fast charge of 10% to 80% in 15 minutes.

4680 vs 4695 vs 46120


On the other hand, due to the larger volume of the 4680 battery itself, under the same volume, the number of batteries required is less, the battery management is easier, and the overall weight of the system is relatively reduced. The battery life will also be improved.

2.Layout of cylindrical battery store

The latest news shows that the Jingmen Power Energy Storage Battery Industrial Park has officially started construction recently. The large cylindrical battery project built by EVE in Jingmen will likely be the first mass-produced 4680 and 4695 battery production base in the world. The above batteries will be supplied to customers such as Tesla or BMW. Liu Jincheng, chairman of EVE, believes that 46 series cylindrical batteries (4680 and 4695 batteries) have outstanding safety and economy, and are not deformed, and are expected to become the ultimate technical direction of power batteries.

Cylindrical battery manufacturer layout

Previously, Liu Jincheng revealed that the company will build 4680 and 4695 large cylindrical battery production lines in Jingmen base, which may be the first (batch) mass production of 4680 and 4695 large cylindrical battery production bases in the world. At present, 46 series batteries have not been widely used, and almost 18650 batteries are still used, and where can i buy 18650 batteries in store? Related information can be viewed by clicking the link.

3.The long-term value of large cylinders in standardization

Regarding the future application of large cylindrical batteries, in the previous large cylindrical iron lithium batteries of CATL, the specifications range from around 34mm (34154, 34184, 34200 and 34207), 40mm (40159), 46mm (46145) and other specifications.It can be seen that the diameter is getting bigger and bigger, while the length of the cylindrical cell is getting shorter and shorter, and the capacity fluctuates between 20Ah-23Ah. To use the large cylindrical iron-lithium system in CATL, the initial consideration was to make a strategic hedge with the small pouch battery, and let several mainstream electric bicycles (Harrow, Xinri) try it. From the Pack's point of view, 48v20Ah (0.96kWh), 60v20Ah (1.2kWh), and 109v92Ah (10kWh) have begun to be used in miniature electric passenger cars through different configurations.

3.1Features of 12v battery

After Tesla and BYD both adopted 12V lithium batteries, many companies began to consider 12V lithium batteries. In the previous design, Tesla used a ternary square shell, and BYD used a square shell or pouch lithium iron phosphate. The 20Ah cylinder seen this time is the first extension of catl lithium iron phosphate. This time it is a system of 46145, which happens to be a diameter of 46. If we have seen from the past in small power batteries, the evolution of this diameter is gradually changing from 34mm to 40mm and 46mm.

The previous diameter was mainly around 34mm, a little bit expanded to 40mm, then to 46mm

Then we saw the news of the BMW fixed-point cylindrical battery came out. The size of the battery is actually based on the basic needs of the Pack. Since the size of the electric bicycle was more of a requirement before, the large cylindrical iron-lithium solution is compared with the 1865 and 2170 in terms of energy.

Therefore, the overall size is in the horizontal mode, and as the demand becomes more and more focused, especially in the 4680 and 4695, the demand for the whole vehicle with the battery standing is brought out. Around the diameter of 46mm, it makes sense to make batteries of different heights. Due to the main model of SGMW, the overall demand specification starts around 8kwh, and when different battery specifications are used. You can make interesting battery gradients (7.68kWh, 10.24kWh and 12.8kWh) around 128V 60Ah (3P), 80Ah (4P) or 100Ah (5P). Therefore, let's discuss the whole link. If the capacity of lithium iron phosphate is limited, the 13Ah iron lithium battery can also be used as a standing pack under the size specification of 4695. And this design does not require a pressure relief base, and a very standardized flexible solution may be made in the A00 solution.

The lithium iron phosphate battery based on 4695 can also become an attempt of the standard solution

3.2Expansion of 46 series

From this basis, sedans may use 4680/4695 in the future. If you consider whether SUVs can adopt high-capacity solutions such as 46100-46120 to provide more energy? That is to say, with the emergence of the 46 specification, adjusting the height of the cell can bring about more changes in power. Due to the consistency of the design of cylindrical cells at the bottom and top, this extension can standardize cylindrical standard cells, and some subtle differences can be made. Because of this size specification, it is compatible with cars, SUVs and future commercial vehicles.

The design in the XY direction, once the protection against thermal runaway expansion can be provided with warning messages, will be of great help to the entire industry in the future. At present, there are three types of packaging methods for power batteries: square batteries, cylindrical batteries and soft pack batteries.

Based on the design that the battery with a fixed diameter can fix the XY direction, the elongated Y can change the power

At present, the CATL is the leader in the field of square batteries, but in the field of cylindrical batteries, the major battery suppliers are basically on the same starting line. Therefore, driven by Tesla, the industry is expected to set off a new round of cylindrical batteries, and global battery suppliers will launch a new round of competition in the field of cylindrical batteries. For cylindrical battery knowledge, you can also understand the difference between these two batteries from 21700 battery vs 18650.

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