Hydrogen energy industry chain future market is vast



As carbon neutrality and energy transition gradually become a global consensus, the hydrogen energy industry is becoming an emerging industry that major economies in the world are competing to develop. At present, the world's energy technology innovation has entered an active period, bringing about profound changes in production and lifestyle.


As the second clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century, hydrogen energy is an important path to achieve deep clean decarbonization in many fields, and it is also a major strategic direction for the global energy technology revolution and transformation development.

1. Hydrogen energy industry has huge potential

At present, in the face of increasingly severe climate challenges, China is actively promoting the development of the hydrogen energy industry based on the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and the development potential of hydrogen energy is gradually being released. Experts said that hydrogen will account for about 10% of China's terminal energy system in 2050, and will account for about 15% in 2060, becoming an important part of China's energy strategy.

Hydrogen energy will be incorporated into China's terminal energy system, synergistic and complementary with electricity, and together become the main consumer of China's terminal energy system, driving the formation of a ten-trillion-level emerging industry. The huge opportunity for the hydrogen energy industry is due to its advantages in combating climate change and driving the transformation of the energy system. Hydrogen energy helps to promote the transformation of traditional energy to low-carbon and clean energy, promote the transformation of energy power and ensure the security of energy supply.

Hydrogen energy industry has huge potential


From a global perspective, with the accelerated introduction of global support policies in recent years, hydrogen energy has gradually become a new track for global competition and cooperation. According to the International Energy Agency's (IEA) 2050 net-zero emissions target, hydrogen energy will be widely used in multiple energy sectors in order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and will need to increase to more than six times the current level of application. As the world's third largest energy exporter, Australia hopes that new energy and hydrogen energy will become an important part of its energy exports in the future.

2. Scale development of hydrogen energy promotes layout of the whole industry chain

In recent years, with the development of the hydrogen energy industry and the continuous acceleration of technological progress, the promotion of hydrogen energy applications has also continued to accelerate. Professionals pointed out that at present, the fuel cell technology has developed into the fifth generation and has many possible application scenarios. Including large-scale long-term energy storage, power supply in remote areas without power grids, backup power, home energy storage, emergency power, transportation, etc.

Industry professionals said that the global hydrogen energy industry is in the initial stage of demonstration and business model exploration, and is expected to enter the commercialization stage after 2030. China's hydrogen energy industry chain has begun to take shape and is on the eve of scale. China's hydrogen energy industry has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain from hydrogen production, storage, transportation and application. Driven by top-level design and favorable policies, the hydrogen energy industry is developing steadily. In the development process of China's hydrogen energy industry, the entry of large-scale energy central enterprises has provided important support for the industry to mature.

Scale development of hydrogen energy promotes layout of the whole industry chain


Among them, Sinopec is vigorously developing the hydrogen energy industry with the development goal of building a world-leading clean energy chemical company. At present, Sinopec is accelerating the construction of China's first hydrogen energy company with the largest scale, leading technology and first-class management. However, as an emerging industry in its infancy, the development of hydrogen energy still faces many problems that need to be solved.

Experts believe that sustainable economic development should be the focus of the healthy development of the hydrogen energy industry. Relevant policies should be formulated to encourage the development of 3 application directions that may achieve sustainable economic development faster: green hydrogen in resource areas + nearby utilization of chemical industry, energy supply by wind-solar hydrogen storage and microgrid in industrial parks, green hydrogen forklifts in industrial parks and logistics parks.

3. Leverage multiple advantages to create green energy

The hydrogen energy industry in Beijing, China started early. After nearly two decades of hard work, it has taken the lead in China in terms of technological innovation, industrial foundation, supporting elements and application promotion. Our website has compiled top 10 hydrogen fuel cell companies to help you understand the development of these companies in hydrogen fuel cells. In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, hydrogen will become the only fuel for the Olympic torch, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will become the main means of transportation for the Olympic venues, realizing a leap in the application of hydrogen energy. In recent years, Beijing, China has actively formulated hydrogen energy industry plans, clarified development goals and industrial layout plans.

Leverage multiple advantages to create green energy


It is expected that by 2025, Beijing, China will have the basis for the large-scale promotion of the hydrogen energy industry, and the industrial system and supporting infrastructure will be relatively complete. Cultivate 10-15 leading companies with international influence, and build 3-4 world-class R&D innovation platforms. In the layout of the hydrogen energy industry in Beijing, China, an action plan for the innovation and development of the hydrogen energy industry has been formulated, the sixteen precise support policies have been issued, and a number of leading projects such as "hydrogen-powered future" have been forward-looking.

It has formed a complete chain from hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen fuel cells to engines and automobiles, and has significant advantages in innovation and development. Industry insiders said that to expand the spirit of cross-industry, cross-regional, and cross-border cooperation, maintain a neutral attitude towards various technical routes, and treat hydrogen energy enterprises equally. Vigorously promote the effective connection of technology, talents, capital and other elements, stimulate the chain effect of the development of the hydrogen energy industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of the ecological chain of China's hydrogen energy industry.

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