Top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China



Flow battery is a kind of unique electrochemical energy storage technology, which realizes the storage and release of electrical energy through the change of valence state of ions in the electrolyte. Among them, the vanadium redox flow battery is the most mature flow battery technology and has entered the stage of industrialization. This article has compiled the top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China for your reference, in no particular order.

Top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China



Company profile:

One of the top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China, V-LIQUID is a high-tech enterprise specializing in technical research, product manufacturing, engineering consulting and overall solution design in the field of power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing and power quality. V-LIQUID has a full range of power distribution measurement and control, dynamic reactive power compensation, harmonic control, power grid parameter analysis software and other equipment. V-LIQUID in flow battery manufacturers in China has been engaged in the R&D and production of vanadium redox flow batteries since 2016, and the complete integration of new energy power generation such as photovoltaics.

The vanadium redox flow battery developed and manufactured by V-LIQUID has the following technical characteristics:

  • The pioneering stack welding sealing technology overcomes the leakage problem of the traditional rubber ring sealing technology;
  • Compact stack installation, piping design and liquid storage system technology to improve space utilization efficiency;
  • High conductivity battery electrode material technology to improve battery efficiency; Independent intellectual property rights have been formed in the aspects of stacks, key materials, and power management.

V-LIQUID has five production bases in China. It is the only R&D and manufacturing company of vanadium redox flow batteries in the world with GW-level production capacity, and has product technology and R&D advantages. It is in a leading position in a number of key technologies in the industry and can effectively support the reform and upgrading of new power systems.

Total market value: 62 million RMB

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Company profile:

As a company in top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China, RONGKE POWER is the world's leading service provider of vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system, established in 2008. RONGKE POWER consists of Rongke Power Integratio, which is the main body of energy storage battery equipment production. It has built the world's largest and most modernized vanadium flow battery energy storage equipment production base.

The concentric industry group jointly built by RONGKE POWER and Rongke Power Integratio has become the world's leading service provider for the development of the whole industry chain of vanadium redox flow batteries, complete independent intellectual property rights and high-end manufacturing capabilities. As one of the earliest companies involved in vanadium redox flow battery energy storage, RONGKE POWER insists on taking technological innovation as the foundation and creating breakthroughs in technological models and business models.

It has taken the lead in putting into operation many projects in the fields of power grid peak regulation, renewable energy grid integration, industrial and commercial microgrids, etc., and has rich engineering experience. The products have been widely used in China, the United States, Australia, Germany and other overseas regions.

Registered capital: 50.01 million RMB

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③ Yinfeng New Energy

Yinfeng New Energy

Company profile:

Yinfeng New Energy in flow battery manufacturers in China focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and commercial application of new high-power and large-capacity energy storage products - vanadium redox battery energy storage systems. Yinfeng New Energy has a core technical team for vanadium redox battery products, and has made breakthroughs in stack structure, key materials, system integration and engineering implementation. The company has a number of core patents, including core stack design, electrolyte preparation, system integration design, and applications in photovoltaic power generation, off-grid power supply systems and smart grids.

Yinfeng New Energy, as one of the flow battery manufacturers in China, has built a technical team with vanadium redox flow battery research and industrialization as the core. Breakthroughs have been made in stack structure, electrolyte preparation, key materials (bipolar plates, diaphragms), system integration and engineering implementation, and the overall technology of vanadium redox flow batteries has reached the international advanced level.

Registered capital: 40 million RMB

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④ Shanghai Electric Energy Storage

Shanghai Electric

Company profile:

Shanghai Electric Energy Storage in top 10 flow battery manufacturers, has independent core intellectual property rights and a number of patents for flow batteries, and has been deeply involved in the field of flow energy storage for many years. Shanghai Electric Energy Storage has developed high-performance stacks and series of energy storage products, and has the ability to design, manufacture and deliver flow battery stacks and system products. The company continues to accumulate experience in liquid flow energy storage engineering, and gradually moves from an equipment supplier to an overall solution provider.

Shanghai Electric Energy Storage in flow battery manufacturers in China has successfully developed 5kW/25kW/32kW series stacks, which can integrate kW-MW-class vanadium flow battery energy storage products. Up to now, more than 30 kW-MW level flow battery energy storage projects have been successfully implemented. Shanghai Electric Energy Storage focuses on providing customers with overall solutions, products and services for the full life cycle value utilization of energy storage systems.

The core leading products are water-based liquid flow energy storage products, molten salt heat storage products, etc., with core independent intellectual property rights of flow batteries and systems, molten salt heat storage products and systems. Liquid flow energy storage products cover a full range of stacks from 5kW to 500kW, and Shanghai Electric Energy Storage household products are exported to Japan, Australia, Spain and other places. With rich experience in global market application, it has strong competitiveness in the global market.

Registered capital: 62.5 million RMB

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Company profile:

VRB ENERGY is a fast-growing global leader in energy storage technology innovation. One of the top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China, VRB ENERGY focuses on developing green, sustainable, long-life, and intrinsically safe energy storage solutions based on vanadium redox flow battery energy storage systems. At present, Puneng has installed and put into operation more than 70 projects in 12 countries and regions around the world. The cumulative safe and stable operation time is close to 1 million hours, and the total capacity is close to 70MWh.

The total capacity of the projects in the development stage has reached 3GWh. As a technology leader in the field of all-vanadium redox flow batteries, VRB ENERGY differentiates itself from other manufacturers with unique low-cost ion exchange membranes, long-life electrolyte formulations and innovative stack designs. The VRB-ESS® patented by VRB ENERGY stores energy in the electrolyte based on the redox reaction of metallic vanadium.

Since this is a process that can be cycled almost infinitely, VRB-ESS® is safe, reliable, and the electrolyte can be recycled and reused almost 100%. Compared with battery systems such as lead-acid and lithium batteries, the green energy storage solution of VRB-ESS® greatly improves the economic benefits of recycling, and is environmentally friendly throughout the process, which has huge advantages.

Registered capital: 120 million RMB

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⑥ Hunan Huifeng High-tech Energy

Hunan Huifeng High-tech Energy

Company profile:

Hunan Huifeng High-tech Energy in top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China, is a high-tech company integrating the development, production and sales of vanadium series products. The company was established in June 2002 and is located in Hunan Province. Hunan Huifeng High-tech Energy Engineering Technology Research Center is equipped with research and development, testing and evaluation, and technology promotion of vanadium energy storage battery materials and systems.

Hunan Huifeng High-tech Energy insists on independent development, has a number of key technologies, has applied for 5 invention patents for core technologies, and established 1 enterprise standard. Hunan Huifeng High-tech Energy has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and the environmental management system ISO14001 certification. With an annual output of 2,000 tons of high-purity vanadium pentoxide, 2,000 tons of high-purity ammonium metavanadate dry base products, and 5,000 cubic meters of vanadium battery electrolyte.

Registered capital: 25.16 million RMB

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⑦ Beijing Herui Energy Storage

Beijing Herui Energy Storage

Company profile:

Founded in 2020, one of the flow battery manufacturers in China, Beijing Herui Energy Storage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPIC CENTRAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Its business direction covers energy storage technology and equipment research and development, system integration, technical and economic evaluation, policy and planning research and other fields.

As one of the flow battery manufacturers in China, Beijing Herui Energy Storage has rich experience in energy storage engineering and flow battery field, and has undertaken the whole process technical consulting service of SPIC's largest vanadium flow energy storage project. Provide professional services for the whole process and all stages of the project construction, and accumulate strength for the large-scale application of flow battery energy storage technology in the future.

Registered capital: 35 million RMB

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⑧ Hubei Lvdong China Vanadium

Hubei Lvdong China Vanadium

Company profile:

Hubei Lvdong China Vanadium was established on June 24, 2021. Hubei Lvdong China Vanadium in top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China focuses on the development of vanadium flow battery energy storage. Hubei Lvdong China Vanadium plans to invest 9.32 billion RMB in the construction of vanadium battery energy storage power stations and wind power photovoltaic projects in Xiangyang High-tech Zone, Hubei. Among them, 4.32 billion RMB is used to build a 100MW vanadium flow battery energy storage power station and a 500MW distributed rooftop photovoltaic installation project. 5 billion RMB for the construction of 1GW wind power photovoltaic power generation projects.

Among them, 1.9 billion RMB will be used for the construction of a 100MW vanadium redox flow battery energy storage power station project, which is expected to be fully operational within five years. In August 2021, the 100MW vanadium redox flow battery energy storage power station and the 500MW distributed rooftop photovoltaic installation project have signed an entry agreement, and the preliminary work such as project filing, exploration, and feasibility study has been completed.

Registered capital: 30 million RMB

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Company profile:

HBIS in vanadium battery companies owns the independent intellectual property rights of vanadium electrolyte manufacturing technology, and has built an vanadium redox flow battery energy storage demonstration project, realizing the direct application of photovoltaic power generation and vanadium battery energy storage into direct current and alternating current through equipment. One of the top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China, HBIS has researched and prepared high-purity and high-performance vanadium redox flow battery electrolyte with low impurity content, high product stability and low production cost, and has developed more than 10 mature processes.

High-purity vanadium oxide preparation technology and commercial electrolyte preparation technology suitable for vanadium redox flow batteries with independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, it has developed a series of detection technologies for commercial vanadium electrolytes, providing complete and accurate data support for the development, research and large-scale production of commercial vanadium electrolytes and vanadium batteries. The detection methods have reached the international advanced level in the same field. It fills the blank of physical and chemical detection technology of vanadium battery in China.

Total market value: 25.378 billion RMB

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⑩ Wuhan NARI


Company profile:

In 2010, Wuhan NARI listed electrochemical energy storage as a strategic emerging industry and carried out research on vanadium flow battery energy storage technology. In 2011, the wind and solar storage R&D team was established, and in 2017, the intelligent production capacity of megawatt-level vanadium redox flow battery stacks was formed.

At present, Wuhan NARI has fully mastered the modification and selection technology of vanadium batteries, and has the capabilities of vanadium battery body design, material development, and system integration. As a company of the top 10 flow battery manufacturers in China, Wuhan NARI has successfully developed high-power vanadium battery stacks and 250 kW/500 kWh energy storage systems, and has applied for a total of 70 invention and utility model patents, with more than 40 authorized.

Registered capital: 116 million RMB

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