Detailed analysis of the explosion proof lithium battery and technology



At the beginning of the commercial use of lithium batteries, we often see reports of accidents related to lithium battery explosions. After years of development, there are fewer and fewer reports of lithium battery explosions.


This is mainly due to the progress and development of lithium battery technology. Then let's take a look at what explosion proof lithium battery technologies are.

1. Introduction to explosion proof technology

Concerning explosion proof technology, lifepo4 battery has become the preferred battery for portable electronic products, with high capacity density and competitive prices, and are expected to remain the mainstream of the market in the next few years. However, lithium batteries have always hidden the risk of explosion, because the more widely used, the more explosive incidents will occur.

Now that explosion proof circuits and explosion proof cell technologies are mature, explosion incidents should be less frequent. Explosion proof technology is a new type of battery product, made of materials with a high safety factor, which can effectively suppress battery explosion.

The safety of explosion proof lithium battery packs is its biggest feature. In order to ensure the safety of lithium batteries, we usually design an explosion proof valve on the battery housing, which will be damaged in time when the pressure is too high, release the pressure inside the battery, and avoid the explosion of the lithium battery pack when it is thermally released.

Due to improper use of lithium batteries, when the battery has overshoots or other failures, a large amount of gas will be generated inside the battery due to the chemical reaction, resulting in a rapid increase in pressure inside the battery and an explosion. Therefore, in order to avoid such risks, batteries are usually equipped with explosion proof equipment.

2. Technology of explosion proof lithium battery

Lithium batteries are widely used in various electrical equipment and communication equipment and in automobiles and other fields. Lithium battery material refers to a kind of material that realizes electron transfer by adding lithium metal or other elements to the electrode material, which is a material with electrochemical activity and electrocatalytic performance. 

Technology of explosion proof lithium battery


And lithium battery material has biological activity or a material with certain conductivity, which can be used as a lithium ion battery core material. It is characterized by small size, light weight, stable chemical properties and long cycle life, and is a new generation of green energy.

● Control battery quality

In order to prevent fire and explosion of lithium batteries, battery quality must first be controlled. Battery systems at the time were able to modify data and electrolyte additives through a single cell.

As well as excellent battery pack processes and efficient BMS for lithium ion battery, minimizing the possibility of battery fires. Especially for some high-end electric vehicles, battery fires rarely occur due to the use of multiple means to ensure the stable operation of the battery.

● Correct use of lithium batteries

The second is to use lithium batteries correctly and do not exceed life. The most important thing is to develop new materials and improve the battery pack process for each component of the individual cell. In the battery pack process, a thermal balancing system is planned to ensure that the temperature of the battery pack is uniform throughout and that no part of the battery pack overheats.

3. The use of explosion proof lithium battery

Explosion proof lithium battery refers to a lithium battery that will not explode during use. Used in mining equipment, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy transportation and low price.

The use of explosion proof lithium battery


It has good explosion protection, safety and reusability in explosive atmospheres. Advantages of explosion proof lithium battery:

  • High safety, using special technology to isolate and protect lithium ions.
  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
  • Safe and reliable, easy to install in the field.

4. Features of explosion proof lithium battery

● No explosion proof is required

During use, the lithium-ion battery will not explode. In addition, a variety of different cathode and anode materials can be used, and cycles can be carried out to extend the service life. The service life can reach more than 10 years.

● No additional protection is required

Connect the power supply to the explosion proof system when in use, and there is no need to purchase batteries or other equipment separately to discharge the work, saving costs. High energy density It is safe and stable, will not produce harmful gases, fire, smoke, noise, long service life.

Explosion proof lithium batteries for mining are mainly lithium-ion batteries, which are a very small chemical in metals that can be discharged to produce energy. However, in a high temperature environment, lithium in this substance will undergo a redox reaction, so this reaction is not too violent, and it will not burn and explode.

● No corrosive gases are produced

Due to the use of safety materials, after the lithium battery comes into contact with air, cathode and anode will be formed in the air and inside the battery. Therefore, even in extremely high temperature environments, lithium batteries still have a certain life.

Features of explosion proof lithium battery


And because it has a low energy density, it can greatly reduce the heat generated when the battery is used and protect the battery from being burned. Its good cycling performance and energy density make it a major power source for industrial production applications.

● Small size when charging

The production cycle is short, and the optimal configuration of the mine explosion proof lithium battery system can be used, and normal operation will not be affected due to system failure. Explosion proof lithium batteries can be widely used in: mobile power supplies, portable batteries, rechargeable batteries, solar photovoltaic power generation equipment and other electronic equipment and power tools.

Explosion proof lithium batteries mainly have obvious advantages in explosion proof and earthquake resistance. Lithium batteries have the characteristics of large capacity, good performance, and are not easy to oxidize, and are one of the good power sources for users of energy storage batteries.

● Long life cycle

Explosion proof lithium battery has a wide operating temperature range. If the voltage is too high or too low, the lithium battery capacity will drop and overheat. Too high will cause the battery to expand and explode when charging, or burn out the lithium battery due to overheating. As a result, service life is shortened. At the same time, it will also affect the safety of the battery to a certain extent.

There are a variety of explosion proof lithium batteries on the market, and explosion proof lithium batteries are divided into two ways: single cycle type and multiple cycle type. It has the characteristics of safety and reliability, large capacity, high temperature resistance and long service life when charging, and can be used repeatedly. No danger occurs during use.

5. Maintenance of explosion proof lithium battery

When charging lithium batteries, the upper limit of the charging voltage and the lower limit of the discharge voltage must be set. Ideally, 4.2V and 2.75V are to consider both lifetime, capacity, and safety.

Maintenance of explosion proof lithium battery


Other current limits are also needed. The best approach is to plan the battery maintenance board. Although this will increase the manufacturing cost of lithium batteries, it is necessary to ensure the safe use of lithium batteries. You can go to the battery stores nearby for a consultation.

Maintenance of lithium batteries should include:

  • Maximum charging voltage
  • Lower discharge voltage limit
  • Maximum current

In general, in addition to lithium batteries, there is also a maintenance board in the lithium battery pack. This maintenance board mainly provides these three maintenance items. Lithium battery explosions still occur all over the world, mostly due to improper use. In order to ensure the safety of the battery system, we must analyze the causes of the battery explosion more carefully.

6. Conclusion

The above is how to prevent lithium battery explosion, as well as lithium battery explosion proof skills and methods. As long as we pay attention to it in our daily lives, lithium batteries will not become a time bomb in our hands.

Therefore, the materials used as lithium batteries are now widely used in various electronic devices in industry, such as mobile phones, computers, digital camera systems and tablet computers and other consumer electronics that also use lithium ion batteries, which play a major role in the power system.


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