China best top 5 solid state battery manufacturers



The outbreak of the electric vehicle market has promoted the development of the battery industry. In recent years, solid state batteries have gained widespread attention due to their absolute advantages such as non-flammability and high energy density up to 1000Wh/kg.

Compared with liquid batteries, solid-state batteries have various performance advantages such as higher energy density, higher safety, longer cycle life, and better low-temperature performance. In terms of energy density, solid state batteries can achieve more than 400wh/kg, twice that of existing liquid batteries. Since there is no liquid electrolyte, the material system of solid state batteries can have more possibilities.


For example, metal lithium is used for the anode; safety issues such as liquid leakage and gas leakage can be further avoided, and the thermal stability of the battery is better; the pack level can simplify non-essential devices, thereby improving volume utilization. This article sorts out the top 5 solid state battery manufacturers in China, including CATL, BYD, Gotion High-Tech, Ganfeng Lithium and WELION, in no particular order, for your reference.

1. Top 5 solid state battery manufacturers in China list








Gotion High-Tech


Ganfeng Lithium





Established date

December 16, 2011  

Company location

 Fujian, China

Total market value

991.36406 billion RMB

Company website

CATL is a world-leading new energy innovation technology company, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of electric vehicle power battery systems and energy storage systems.



CATL's core technologies include power and energy storage batteries, materials, batteries, battery systems, and the entire industry chain R&D and manufacturing capabilities in the fields of battery recycling and secondary utilization. It is also one of the top 10 energy storage lithium battery companies in China.

CATL product


The company's current polymer lithium metal solid-state battery with a capacity of 325mAh has an energy density of 300Wh/kg, and can achieve 300 cycles with a capacity retention rate of 82%.



Established date

February 10, 1995  

Company location

 Guangdong, China

Total market value

772.85021 billion RMB

Company website

BYD's business layout covers electronics, automobiles, new energy and rail transportation, and plays a pivotal role in these fields. From energy acquisition, storage to application, it builds a comprehensive zero-emission new energy solution.

BYD manufacturer


In 2017, the company applied for invention patents for all solid state lithium-ion battery cathode composite materials and all solid state lithium-ion batteries. In January 2018, the company is actively promoting the commercialization of solid-state battery projects, and takes solid state batteries as the next research and development focus to promote the industrialization of related products.

BYD product

③ Gotion High-Tech


Established date

January 23, 1995  

Company location

 Anhui, China

Total market value

47.85173 billion RMB

Company website

Gotion High-Tech is one of the earliest companies in China engaged in independent research and development, production and sales of new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries. The main products are lithium iron phosphate material and lifepo4 battery, ternary materials and batteries, power battery packs, battery management systems and energy storage battery packs.

Gotion High-Tech manufacturer


Products are widely used in pure electric passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, light vehicles and other new energy vehicles, and provide system solutions for energy storage power stations and communication base stations.

Gotion High-Tech product


The company's high-safety semi solid state battery has a single energy density of 360Wh/kg, and the battery pack of the matching model has a power of 160KWh, and the cruising range exceeds 1000km. It is expected that the company's ternary semi solid state battery with a monomer energy density of 400Wh/kg will be delivered in batches in 2023. There are also laboratory prototype samples.

④ Ganfeng Lithium

Ganfeng Lithium

Established date

March 2, 2000  

Company location

 Jiangxi , China

Total market value

121.23178 billion RMB

Company website

Ganfeng Lithium's business runs through the entire industrial chain of resource mining, refining and processing, and battery manufacturing and recycling. Its products are widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage, 3C products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Ganfeng Lithium manufacturer


The company adopts the oxide thick film technology route. The first-generation hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte battery product uses ternary as the cathode, flexible solid electrolyte, and graphite as the anode. The energy density reaches 235-280Wh/kg, and it has been installed in vehicles.

Ganfeng Lithium product


The second-generation solid-state lithium battery uses a ternary cathode, a solid separator and a anode material containing metal lithium. At present, the energy density of this product exceeds 350Wh/kg, and the cycle life is close to 400 times.



Established date

August 11, 2016  

Company location

Beijing, China

Registered capital

66.65757 million RMB

Company website

WEION is a Chinese high-tech company focusing on the R&D and production of mixed solid-liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries and all solid state lithium batteries, with a series of core patents and technologies.

WEION manufacturer


The company focuses on hybrid solid liquid electrolyte batteries and all solid state battery products with high energy density, high safety, high power, wide temperature range, and long life.

WEION product


Break through the bottleneck of existing technology through original innovation, and the application covers new energy vehicles and ships, such as 12v battery which are suitable for vehicles and ships, large energy storage, 3C consumption and other industries.

2. Conclusion

Besides these top 5 solid state battery manufacturers in China, there are a lot of other professional solid state battery manufacturers in China. The choice of solid state battery manufacturer depends on the needed applications. Every manufacturer has its strengths, weaknesses, and richer experience in some areas than others.


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