In recent years, Chinese brands in the field of Ebikes have been rapidly expanding their business globally. It is understood that as a major manufacturer of Ebikes, Chinese companies' global shipments of Ebikes have reached nearly tens of millions. The track of exporting E-bikes has become hot, with even technology giants like Xiaomi and DJI beginning to enter the fray.

According to the 2024 overseas brand report released by GoodsFox, in the brand deployment list for sports and outdoor tracks, seven brands specializing in electric bicycles ranked among the top 20. Brands like Urtopia and Mokwheel have emerged as new forces in the overseas track of E-bike.

Analysis of China's Top Ebike Brands' Export and Marketing in 2024

01 Global E-bike Market Demand Analysis

The overall market size of E-bikes has reached the billion-dollar level. According to data from Huajing Intelligence Network, the overseas E-bike market is gradually gaining momentum, especially since 2020, when global electric bicycle sales increased by 29% year-on-year, reaching 47.6 million units. According to Statista data forecasts, from 2022 to 2027, the global market volume of electric bicycles will grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10%, indicating significant growth potential in this market.

In terms of the source of E-bike consumption, European and American countries are the absolute consumer mainstays of such products. Europe and America have long advocated for "environmentally friendly" and "sustainable" consumption concepts, coupled with the prevalence of cycling culture and the rise of outdoor sports, which have played a significant role in driving the growth of the electric bicycle market. Additionally, favorable cycling environments and government encouragement policies have also promoted the popularity of electric bicycles. It is understood that various European countries have introduced subsidies and tax exemption policies specifically for electric bicycles to stimulate consumer demand. Therefore, the European electric vehicle market, led by Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, is expected to reach $7 billion by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.70% over the next ten years, while North America is also a rapidly growing region.

From the consumer's perspective, as the number of brands increases, people's demand for the selling points of such products is becoming more diversified. According to data, E-bike sales in the UK remained stable compared to pre-COVID levels, with a growing area - Cargo electric bicycles, which saw a 37% increase in sales compared to the previous year. In addition, there is a rising demand among consumers for high-performance, intelligent E-bikes, manifested in preferences for features such as tire shock absorption, durability, electric assist, or pure electric drive functionalities becoming increasingly refined.

02 Analysis of Overseas E-bike Brands

Urtopia - Targeting Urban Commuters

Urtopia is a newly established technology consumer brand founded in 2021, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The brand aims to help users return to the outdoors and enjoy a healthy lifestyle through innovative products. In terms of overseas operations, Urtopia reaches European and American users directly through the "DTC+BTB" model. It currently operates in several European and American countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, and has received support from well-known investment institutions such as Lightspeed China and DCM.

Urtopia mainly operates two product lines, the Carbon One series (full carbon fiber body) and the Chord series (steel body), with prices of $2799 and $1799 respectively. In terms of product design, Urtopia features lightweight characteristics, with a weight about 30% lighter than other competing products. It is equipped with technologies such as automatic adaptive control, intelligent voice control, fingerprint unlocking, GPS tracking, and has a sleek and stylish streamlined appearance, which is popular among consumers.

Mokwheel - Targeting Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

Compared to Urtopia's focus on urban commuting and lightweight style, Mokwheel chooses a more extreme route, designing products for outdoor off-road and professional sports enthusiasts.

Mokwheel's electric bikes integrate multiple innovative features, serving not only as transportation but also as portable power sources. It uses a powerful 750W motor, high-capacity Samsung batteries, intelligent battery management technology, providing a range of up to 80 miles, fast charging, and battery safety protection. Hydraulic front fork suspension systems and fat tire wheelsets enhance off-road performance. Details such as leather seats, ergonomic handles, front and rear lighting groups, etc., also place Mokwheel electric bikes in a leading position in terms of functionality, performance, safety, and comfort.

Mokwheel's electric bicycles range in price from $999 to $1999, depending on the model and configuration. The cheapest are the Mesa Lite and Mesa Lite ST, two commuter electric bicycles, while the most expensive is the Scoria, a full-terrain electric bicycle with power station functionality.

Velotric - Meeting Commuting and Sports Needs

Velotric is a Shenzhen-based E-bike brand focusing on the North American market. It aims to provide customers with high cost-effectiveness, rich differentiation, strong self-research capabilities, and safe and reliable electric bicycle products. It is understood that the brand went online with an independent site in May 2022 and completed sales of over $15 million within just seven months. In June 2023, it completed a Series A+ round of financing in the tens of millions, becoming a fast-growing star brand in the same industry.

Velotric's product positioning is entry-level ebikes, with prices ranging from $1399 to $1699. Its product matrix includes the commuter series Discover, the off-road series Nomad, and the lightweight sports series Thunder, each series offering standard and upgraded versions, as well as six color options. In terms of functionality, Velotric products have improved battery life and motor capabilities by 30% through a large number of self-developed core components and algorithms, addressing issues such as steering and tire noise, making it a brand that delves deeply into technology.

SAMEBIKE electric bike

SAMEBIKE electric bike company is a professional, modern and large-scale company that develops, produces and sells electric bicycles, electric bicycle accessories and electric scooters. In addition, SAMEBIKE electric bike company is also one of the influential comprehensive manufacturers of intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent transportation in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its establishment in 2004, Sameway Group has been committed to the R&D, manufacturing and global marketing of lithium battery bicycles and related products for 18 years. SAMEBIKE is our group’s own brand. The products produced by SAMEBIKE electric bike company have been sold all over the world and have become a global brand.

The company invested tens of millions of yuan to gradually establish and improve the SAMEBIKE electric bicycle assembly plant, frame factory, motor factory, paint factory, etc., with a professional production base of more than 20,000 square meters and more than 200 employees.

03 Characteristics of E-bike Product Deployment Marketing

According to GoodsFox data, Urtopia, Mokwheel, and Velotric all have significant investments in advertising marketing. Urtopia and Mokwheel ranked first and second in the sports and outdoor categories in terms of advertising volume in the first half of 2023. Looking at Urtopia's advertising trends, its advertising volume on Facebook channels has shown a significant upward trend over the past year, indicating a growing emphasis on advertising marketing. In terms of advertising regions, Urtopia is currently focusing on the German and American markets.

In terms of the materials used, the mainstream is still image-based materials, with Urtopia's usage rate of image-based materials reaching as high as 82.7%, while video materials account for only 17.2%.

Recently, in advertising materials for E-bike products, the eye-catching method of offering discount information has been mainly used to attract the attention of target audiences and induce them to make purchasing decisions. By prominently displaying product discount information in images, brands can effectively stimulate consumers' desire to purchase and increase the attractiveness and click-through rate of advertising materials, which is conducive to increasing the exposure and dissemination effectiveness of advertisements.

In video advertising materials for E-bikes, by showcasing product features and usage scenarios in detail, potential consumers' attention and interest can be effectively attracted. In the video, the design, performance, safety, and convenience of E-bikes are clearly presented, giving viewers a deeper understanding and awareness of the product. At the same time, the video also demonstrates the use of E-bikes in different environments and situations, such as urban roads, rural trails, and park green spaces, allowing viewers to experience the joy and convenience that E-bikes can bring to their lives. Such advertising materials not only increase product awareness and reputation but also stimulate viewers' desire to purchase and take action.